May 27th Cellophane Tape Day

Did you know that 3M started out as a mining company in Minnesota?  Well, they failed in their efforts to mine materials but they did become one of the countries leading companies when it came to inventions. In fact, since they opened their doors in 1902 they have become responsible for more than 60,000 products being supplied to the world’s market place.

In 1921 Richard Drew, an inventor and banjo player, went to work for 3M and after 4 years of development and research he came up with Scotch Tape.  Now most of us think of scotch tape as what we wrap our Christmas presents in and use for a million other projects, but the original scotch tape was actually masking tape – a solid tape which also has many uses but it is not cellophane tape.


Cellophane tape is clear. It once again was Richard Drew who came up with it,  but it took him another 4 years to perfect, finally making it available in 1929.  Drew also came up with duct tape.  Most people call celophane tape Scotch tape, but that is really the trademarked name created by 3M.

Scotch tape includes many kinds of tape used for a variety of projects.


Where would we be today without cellophane tape? We might still be using string for presents, attempting to put paper back together with glue, and we certainly couldn’t do whatever it is the lady below is doing.


Come on admit it, have we all not tried the above?

So today we celebrate Richard Drew’s invention and need to thank him for all of it’s uses.

How to celebrate: Try and list all the things you have ever used cellophane tape for. Take your own selfie posing with your mask of cellophane tape. Go out and buy a few rolls of tape, you know you will use it sometime!