June 5th National Doughnut Day

Today was created by the Salvation Army in 1938 during the depression as they handed out doughnuts to those who could find little to eat as the country suffered from economic struggles. The day was created to honor the “Lassies” that went to Europe during World War 1 under Lt. Col. Helen Purvianee. They were the only women allowed on the front lines serving doughnuts and coffee to the soldiers of the Allied forces. Even then, these women were a part of the Salvation Army. There is something comforting about a doughnut. Check your local doughnut shops, they may be giving away doughnuts today for free!

How to celebrate – Support your local Salvation Army. Learn to make your own doughnuts. Learn more about the Salvation Army during World War 1.

June 1st National Doughtnut Day

National Doughnut Day June 1st, 2018


National Doughnut Day was created by the Salvation Army in Chicago, 1938 as a fund raiser during the Great Depression. It also highlighted the service of the “Lassies” of World War 1 who were 250 female Salvation volunteers that went to Europe with the American troops to serve the soldiers doughnuts and remind them somewhat of the comforts of home and what they were fighting for


The same actions were repeated during World War 2 by the Red Cross volunteers called “Dollies”.

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How to celebrate – Have a doughnut! Offer up some contribution to the Salvation Army for all they do. See if your family had any “Lassies” or “Dollies”.

July 15th Give Something Away Day

Most of us have way too much stuff. Some of us have nothing at all. Linda Eaton Hall-Fulcher asks that those of us who have, give something away to those of us who do not. The idea, I think, is to put someone ahead of yourself. Giving clothes away to those in need, shoes to those who have none, even a warm meal to someone who is hungry seems like the least we could do. If we all did that we would not only help those people in need physically but mentally as well. Who knows, maybe it could change their lives for the better forever.


If everything you have is too valuable for you to give away, go buy something that you have no attachment to and give it away. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it may be worth a small fortune to those you are giving it to. And you don’t have to do it everyday, though that would be nice, it just needs to be today. Even something as simple as buying the person behind you in line at Starbucks a cup of coffee. Maybe they don’t need you to buy it for them but what a nice gesture to show someone you are thinking of them instead of just yourself.


And gifts can be something as simple as a handful of flowers if the intent is meant. Even by receiving the gift from someone else and showing your pleasure is giving a gift back that can’t be bought. Receive the gift in the way it is meant, giving just as much thought back to the giver as they gave to giving something to you.


I am always amazed by those who have little to nothing themselves but always find some way to give to others. Even if those others happen to be an animal down on its luck. A little human kindness goes a long, long way.


And maybe that someone just needs a well timed hug.  That can be  huge gift of its own.

How to celebrate – Bring a co-worker a drink without being asked. Better yet, if you know what they like you will surprise them even more and show them they are more than just another person in the office. Drop some food or blankets off at a pet shelter, they need your help a lot more than you might think. Drop off some clothing you no longer want or use to the Goodwill or Salvation Army.

June 3rd National Doughnut Day

The first Friday in June is always National Doughnut Day. This year that’s June 3rd. The holiday first came up in 1938, created by the Salvation Army to honor those members that went to France during World War 1. Since it was right in the middle of the great Depression it was also used as a way to feed those who could not feed themselves and as a fund raiser to help with special projects for the Salvation Army. It is still used as a fund raiser in Chicago even today!


Some 250 women went to Europe to serve our boys “over there”. They made pies and coffee but by far the most popular item was the doughnut. The Salvation Army girls were called “Doughnut Girls”.


The American Red Cross also sent out ladies with doughnuts during World War 1, they were called “Doughnut Dollies”.


Doughnuts are apparently an All-American thing. The first person to claim making doughnuts was Hanson Gregory in 1847 aboard a lime-trading ship, but this claim is somewhat unlikely since Paul R. Mullins referred to doughnuts in a book he wrote back in 1803. Washington Irving also mentions the doughnut in a book he wrote in 1809. It does, however, apparently come from the Dutch-American community.

Well whoever came up with the doughnut first we are very thankful.  Something else to be thankful for is free doughnuts! Celebrate Doughnut Day with the following companies…


… with the purchase of a drink.  Or at…


…where you can get a doughnut for free with no purchase, and you can get any kind of doughnut you want!

How to celebrate: Go get your free doughnut! Learn how to make doughnuts of your own at home.  Pretend it’s World War 1 and have a doughnut party!