February 24th National Tortilla Chip Day

The bread of Mexico! The corn chip has become one of America’s favorite treats. It’s great by itself, even better with toppings, and nobody can eat just one! It’s sort of a mix between bread and a potato chip.


Add a little salsa and you have a great appetizer, or even the beginning of a great meal such as nachos. Guacamole, sour cream, cheese, maybe a little beef or chicken, and now you’ve made a meal that can feed a small army.


Did you know that Mexican food is not traditionally spicy? You have to add peppers and onion to it to make it hot, something most Mexicans do not do. It is said that businessman Elmer Doolin brought back the idea of tortilla chips and salsa from Mexico to his fellow Texans.


You can even use tortilla chips as a dessert. Melt some chocolate and dip the chips as you would into ranch dressing or any other dip. You can even mince up some strawberries or blueberries and serve that as a type of salsa. The mix of chocolate and salt from the torilla makes a perfect combination.


So celebrate the tortilla chip today. They are not difficult to make, just fry some torillas in oil and your done! Or buy a bag from your local grocery and begin to munch you troubles away.

How to celebrate – Discover new and different uses for your tortilla chips. Try making some artwork with your tortilla chips!  Suggest a tortilla chip party with your friends and neighbors.