June 24th World UFO Day

June 24th World UFO Day

Well, we all know what a UFO is, an unidentified flying object. What apparently is not known is what day to celebrate the subject matter. Some people place it on today when Aviator Kenneth Arnold first reported seeing a UFO which got out to the public and started a whole new craze. Others think today should be on July 2nd, the day a UFO crashed at Roswell in 1947. It really is your choice since no one knows whether UFO’s exist or not. The idea of today is really all about you investigating UFOs and determining whether you think they are real or not.

How to celebrate – Read about UFOs sightings. Visit Roswell. Spend tonight looking for UFOs.

July 2nd World UFO Day

July 2nd World UFO Day


UFO’s have been with us since the beginning of time. Originally they were probably Pterosaurs’ but over time they have evolved into well, who knows… after all, they are unidentified! There are two dates associated with UFO’s, the first is June 24th when pilot Kenneth Arnold reported a UFO, that report going to media worldwide.

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But the main date is July 2nd, 1947 when the Roswell incident occurred.  If it had been six years later it would have been the same day I was born. (And I often feel like an alien) Believe in UFO’s or not, today is the day to celebrate them.

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How to celebrate – Take the evening and watch the sky for UFO’s. Read about UFO’s. Keep an open mind to the possibilities of UFO’s, after all you’d look pretty foolish if they do exist!