May 10th Clean Up Your Room Day

You’ve been putting off. You know it needs to be done but still, there are so many other things you could do, like watch television, go have lunch, move a mountain over… which in many ways could be the same thing! It’s time to clean your room, make it presentable and maybe find a few of those lost items you’ve been looking for. Maybe even finding things you didn’t know you had! Admittedly kids are the worst, but adults don’t fall far behind. It is, after-all, your room and you should be able to keep it the way you want it, just close the door when guests come over and forget about something else on our list to do! The thing is, when we o clean our rooms we generally feel better about ourselves. Things in our life seem less complicated and easier to accept. So set your mind right today and start it out with a clean room, you’ll enjoy the change.

How to celebrate – Clean that room you’ve ignored. Treasure the items you thought you’d lost. Invite guests over to inspect your tidiness.