December 13th Ice Cream Day

Today is the second day of the year to enjoy some ice cream. The first was declared by Ronald Reagan in 1984 on the 3rd Sunday of July. Because he was President it was called National Ice Cream Day. Well people got tired of waiting an entire year to have ice cream again so they created December 13th as Ice Cream Day. Since “they”, were not President it isn’t national but it is a second day to have ice cream which I guess is all that counts.

How to celebrate – Have some ice cream. Make some ice cream. Create a third ice cream day so we can all have it more than twice a year.

August 21st Senior Citizen’s Day

This is a category that most of us never really want to see but not reaching it is even worse. The idea of being a Senior Citizen can be frightening. The idea of being old rarely sits well with anyone but the opposite isn’t a good option either. It seems like being a Senior Citizen means your better days are past and there isn’t much to look forward to. Ronald Reagan didn’t feel that way though. that’s why he became President after becoming a Senior and Proclaimed today to be a day to celebrate those Seniors among us. It’s Proclamation 5847, made on August 19th, 1988. You are as old as you think you are, so think young.

How to celebrate – Honor those Seniors in your life. Never give up on your dreams. Stay young at heart.

August 21st National Senior Citizen’s Day

We are all going to get there someday, hopefully. We will be seniors at one time or another. Today, unlike in years past, that seems to be a bad thing. It’s like life experiences do not matter and the knowledge gained over those years means little. Well, it simply isn’t true, we should honor our seniors for what they do know, and what they have experience in, particularly because, we already know, that history often repeats itself. Today was created by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, a senior himself, as proclamation #5847. Let seniors still find a vital role in your life, and the life of the country, they have earned that right even if it’s just because they have lived as long as they have lived.

How to celebrate – Take a Senior to lunch. Listen closely to the stories seniors tell. Help create a timeline for a seniors life with highlights and goals attained.

August 11th Presidential Joke Day

Okay, so before we even get started I am not making any political statements here! I think all the presidents do that well enough for themselves. And that’s what today is all about, those presidents with a sense of humor about the world, and themselves. After all, if we can’t laugh at the way things are, all that’s left is to cry.


So the today started in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan thought his mic was just being tested when he said, “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you that I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes”. Unfortunately his mic was live and heard by the nation. However, known for a sense of humor, Reagan was allowed such gaffes.


Today, I feel, we all take what Presidents say way too seriously. And of course the media repeats it over and over, trying to say what they think the President meant. They don’t know any better than we individuals do, they just like to hear their own voice as they explain everything, right or wrong.


We disrespect our leaders by putting their faces on such things as toilet paper. Replace it with your own face and see how you would feel! Is it still funny? Does it have anything to do with the person themselves?  Most presidents just represent the feelings of their base, not really caring about the other half of the country. Why should they, we are the joke to them!


Is it that we can’t take a joke anymore or that we are the joke ourselves? Either way ,lighten up a bit and laugh with the president instead of at him. The whole world wil be a better place for it.

How to celebrate – Listen closely to the president and learn his sense of humor. Don’t take everything a president says so seriously. Go back in history and learn who the funniest presidents have been.

July 15th National Ice Cream Day

So what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Do you like simple flavors like strawberry, chocolate or vanilla? Or do you like the more complicated flavors like Chocolate Double Fudge Vanilla Bean Brocoli Stem Grasshopper best? Well, whatever your favorite is, today is the day to enjoy it.

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It was like a hundred years ago that Baskin Robins came out with 31 flavors. Today there are probably more like 31,000 flavors! It is believed that Italo Marchiony came up with the first ice cream cone in 1896 somewhere in New York. It was lemon flavored. But this cannot be documented. Charles E. Minches did, however, serve an ice cream cone at the 1904 World’s Fair in St.. Louis. But it was not until President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the day the third Sunday in July in 1984 for it to become official.

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Does any of that really matter though? We are talking ice cream here, one of the worlds most favorite treats, particularly during the summer.And today we are even making ice cream without cream in it for the lactose intolerant!


Well fancy or plain, ice cream is always a treat enjoyed by nearly everyone. It tastes great, cools you down and relaxes you… at least until the sugar rush kicks in!

How to celebrate – Have a bowl or cone of ice cream. Invent your own new flavor of ice cream. Have an ice cream tasting party and try some new flavors.

March 6th National Frozen Food Day

What would we do without frozen food? Eat fresh maybe, but more likely, not eat at all.  Frozen food means we can have whatever foods we like whether they are in season or not!


Not only is today National Frozen Food Day, March is Frozen Food Month! I am guessing they chose March since historically speaking it’s when we are thawing out from winter. The first frozen food came out in the 1930’s in Springfield, Mass. created by Clarence Birdseye.


His invention really did bring out a new lifestyle for the world. Making food available whenever you want it, where ever you might be. Sure you give up a little flavor, and maybe you give up a few of the benefits like vitamins but it is worth it.


Doesn’t that look yummy! Well, back in the 50’s and 60’s it did! I remember preferring frozen dinners to fresh made because I could have what I wanted while the rest of the family could have what they wanted. The food in all those nice little containers (or slots) so they didn’t mix.


Over the years, the food has gotten better. Enough so that the Senate created a joint resolution (#193) to create a Frozen Food Day and it was signed into law by Ronald Reagan with Proclamation #5157.

How to celebrate – Have a frozen dinner tonight. Check out the different brands to see which you like best. Write a letter of thanks to Clarence Birdseye… just don’t expect a response.

August 11th Presidential Joke Day

Wow, this conjures up so many images in the world today. The fact is, to be President of the United States these days you’ve got to have a sense of humor.


August 11th, 1984, President Ronald Reagan said into a mike, he thought was off, that he had outlawed Russia and in five minutes the bombing of that country would begin. The problem was, the mike was hot and broadcast across America. It was a joke, get over it. Ever since then August 11th has been Presidential Joke Day.



When you study our Presidents you will find many had great senses of humor. It’s our fault for not knowing how to take the joke!


They say that Andrew Jackson was one of the funniest Presidents we have ever had. He fought wars, Congress, and the American people at nearly every turn… but at least he had a good sense of humor doing it!

How to celebrate – Try and find one world leader who is not a part of someone’s joke. Learn to appreciate a good joke! Study the Presidents and see who you think had the best sense of humor.

July 16th National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day – July 16th


Always the third Sunday of July. This is also National Ice Cream Month! Ice cream has been eaten here in America since Colonial days. Washington, Jefferson and Adams are known to have enjoyed ice cream.


In 1832 Augustus Jackson introduced flavorings for ice cream. 1843 Nancy Johnson invented the hand driven ice cream maker.


1920 Harry Burt created the first Ice Cream Truck and in 1984, President Reagan proclaimed July National Ice Cream month.

Colorful ice cream scoops
Colorful ice cream scoops

How to celebrate – Have a bowl of ice cream. Go to you closest ice cream stand and hang out, eating ice cream of course. Host an Ice Cream party of your own.

May 25th National Missing Children’s Day

I cannot imagine the feeling of knowing your child is missing. The horror of not knowing they are safe or not, not knowing whether they are being treated badly or not, the not knowing if they are still alive or not. You already know they aren’t safe, you already know they are being treated badly, that just leaves the last one, something far too unimaginable to even fathom.


Have you ever lost sight of your child? Just for a moment? At a mall or a department store, on a playground or at a school function? It’s terrifying. When you do find them then the anger sets in that they would wander away from you but there is also that relief factor that they are safe and sound, that you found them or they found you.


You just turn your back for a second and they are gone. They don’t really know the difference but so much can happen in those few seconds. Somewhere around 50,000 children are abducted every year by non-family members. For the most part that means there are 50,000 sickos out there that take them, probably many more that are not successful.


The missing children’s organization was started back in the 1970’s, it took on more serious roles in the 1980’s and was finally proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan on May 25th, 1983. Approximately 20% of those missing children are never found, some are found but after it’s too late.


I guess, from what I see, this is nothing new. It seems to have been a part of our history since the beginning of time. But why can’t we find a way to stop it? Why should any adult who steals a child from their family, steals a child’s innocence and steals a child’s life be allowed to live?

How to celebrate – Always keep you child, children, in sight. Make sure your child is registered with one of the safe children’s programs. Make sure you keep a current photo of you child on hand just in case.

March 6th National Frozen Food Day

Sadly, we all seem to get our fair share of frozen food… fortunately, it’s gotten better over he years. It really is a National holiday too, by an act of Congress, Resolution #193 signed by Ronald Reagan in 1984.


Frozen food has been with us for quite a while. The Russians use to ship out food actually frozen in large blocks of ice. Chicken and Geese seemed to work best but fish and fruit were also frozen, naturally. Thawing it out must have been a bear though. No microwave and melting the block of ice over fire didn’t work well either since the ice would turn into water and put the fire out!


In 1929, Clarence Birdseye figured out how to flash freeze food making it both fresher and easier to thaw out. It started with fish but the imagination is now the limit. In the past there was some danger that the food would have gone bad before it actually froze but not anymore. In most cases all the minerals and vitamins are still contained in the food.


Now we can have berries and vegetables any time we want them, not just when they are in season. Want a piece of chicken from Russia, no problem! (Though I am not sure why you would want it) How about a fresh plate of squid from the land down under… done! If you can dream it up they can freeze it and get it to you, for the right price of course.


How to celebrate – Start your day out with say some… frozen waffles! Get a froze dinner to take for lunch today. Prepare a prepackaged family meal, frozen naturally, for the family dinner tonight.