January 9th Play God Day

If you could play God for a day, what would you do? Let’s forget about the power to choose between life and death, that’s too complicated and too controversial. Just the power to do little things, like make someone happy or change the course of events. God is love, therefore your job would be to bring love to everyone possible.


We all have our own version of what Heaven might be like. But what if you could create a little bit of Heaven on earth? Well you can, maybe only for a moment, but isn’t that worth it? God offers us our dreams and hopes… sometimes you have to wait for them, or maybe the master plan will change when we aren’t even aware of it. But how nice would it feel to create a situation where you could be at least a small part of making someone’s dream come to life?


And playing God might also include helping our four legged friends. Do you think they have dreams? If they do, and I choose to think they do, the most they dream for is someone to love and someone to love them. That’s easy enough to answer. Whether it’s a person or an animal, giving them a reason to live is certainly playing God.


And love sometimes comes to us, when we least expect it. What makes one person love another? There is no logic, no reason, no explanation. It just happens. When you fall in love with someone you give yourself completely, maybe not because you want to, but because you have to. So loving someone else is God like. You cannot see love, you cannot see God, therefore both, or either, are miracles.


And if you are going to play God, you have to live in a kingdom. It may be a kingdom no one else can see but that doesn’t matter, if it is real to you it is real enough. So in a way, don’t we all play God a little bit everyday? If you care for someone, help shame a dream, give someone else a reason for living or just love them with all your heart you are already playing God. You are a miracle making everyone you come in contact with another miracle of their own.

How to celebrate – Imagine how God might handle something and try your best to do the same. treat everyone you meet as though they were God, after all you don’t know that they aren’t! Create your own Heaven on earth, a place you can go when everything seems to be going wrong.