January 7th Old Rock Day

If you stop and think about it, aren’t all the rocks you find at least potentially old? I mean, some are really, really old but all must have been around for sometime. So, what do you do with an old rock? If you stop and think about it there are a lot of uses, for example build a fort with them, make jewelry out of them, start a rock collection, skip them across water, climb on them… they can be used for just about anything! You can find fossils in them, use them as a weapon or just admire them from afar.

How to celebrate – Make friends with a rock today. Collect rocks from every state or country you visit. Start building your dream home, out of rocks of course.

September 16th Collect Rocks Day

If you take a trip anywhere and want to have a reminder of your visit there is no better way to do so than to collect rocks, and it’s cheap too! Okay, well maybe taking pictures is a better reminder but rocks can work too. Nearly every place you go will have some form of a rock that you can take home with you and add to your collection. The only thing is, you might want to find a way to mark your rock so you can remember where it came from. In the case of visiting several locations it might be hard to remember where your rock came from since most rocks kinda look alike. And from personal experience, you might want to think pebbles instead of boulders.

Caveat – make sure where you are taking a rock from is not illegal to do so, many national parks around the world do have laws against it – so in that case make today #Takeapictureofarockday instead 🙂 It’s still collecting!!!

How to celebrate – Start your rock collection. Remember that gold and silver are generally thought of as rocks as well. Find a way to mark your rocks so you know where they came from.

September 16th Collect Rocks Day

Some people collect paintings, some collect books, others collect old coins, and some collect antiques. Well, if you don’t have that sort of money, maybe you can collect rocks. Or if you do have money you can collect a different type of rock! Rocks are interesting, they have been around for a long, long time and have seen a lot more of what happens in life than we ever will. Some may have been a part of the Great Wall of China once, or a pebble that got inside Napoleon’s shoe. They may have even come from the moon, or a passing comet. The fact is, that rocks may have seen more history than we ever will, or even than mankind ever will. So collect rocks and be proud of it! Others may say it’s because you are cheap, but you’ll know better.

How to celebrate – Collect a rock and make it a “pet”. Imagine what you think this rock has seen. Learn about the different kinds of rocks there are.

January 7th Old Rock Day

As we trudge on through our endless reasons to try and find a reason for living we come to Old Rock Day.  I am honestly not sure why we should bother celebrating old rocks, we don’t really celebrate anything else that has value or aged wisdom. But okay, maybe we can find it in old rocks.


We’ve made rocks pets, worshiped them because they must have had a power of sorts somewhere in the past and well gosh.. they are just really, really fun to talk to. At least they don’t disagree with us! Some of them become even more valuable than we are since we too will one day turn into the fossils we seem to admire, so long as they give not opinion or share any experience.

Gems pixabay image

Perhaps there is a reason, after-all, that people are generally thought to be dumb as rocks! I mean really, what can you say about a rock!?! And even if you could say something, why would you!?! But that said, we should honor rocks because, well… they have been around long than us and they will be around long after we are gone.


So you should spend today honoring rocks. Skip work, let congress out to roam the fields and maybe we will even find our next President, or Supreme Leader, under one of them! Since we often mimic rocks by sitting still and doing nothing about anything worth-while they do project our future.


How to celebrate – Take  a rock to lunch. (They don’t eat much) Try not to rock the boat. Go get stoned. (Then take an IQ test but don’t be surprised when the rock scores higher than yourself.)

January 7th National Old Rock Day

I don’t often tell people to play with their rocks but today, you should. It’s National Old Rock Day. There are a lot of old rocks on earth, in fact earth is pretty much an old rock. An old rock made up of old rocks. I’d bet it’s pretty hard to find a new rock… unless it’s made out of concrete which really doesn’t make it a rock although it is made with rocks.

rocks-on-grounds-of eagle-castle-3582

Rocks are our friends. If not for rocks we would be… rockless! We would not have any mountains to climb, no diamonds for our rings and no Keith Richards. (One of the oldest rocks I know of) We would have no Gibraltar, no Island Line and no Dwayne Johnson.


Now many of us are considered “fossils”. However, we are not as old as true fossils, nor do we generally leave the same inprint on mankind. (Of course “Rocky” came back again and again, and again…) And who could forget the pet rock, though many of us would like to.


No, we truly do owe rocks a lot. Not that they are asking for our thanks but you never know… they are laying around waiting for something.


How to celebrate – Take a rock to dinner tonight! (They are a cheap date and don’t eat much) Say thank you to every rock you see today. (Just don’t let anyone catch you doing it) Make your own monument to rocks.