August 13th Left Handers Day

If you happen to be left handed most of the world will never be ‘right’ for you. I personally found left handers to be sexy, though I was right handed. I saw it as something different and thought that was cool. Being left handed does come with its disadvantages though. Where are they seated at the dining table? Is there really a left handed screwdriver? Computer set-ups are often backwards of what they need. In the old days people who were left handed were thought to be witches or warlocks and many left handed people suffer from dyslexia as they have to break their natural instinct to read from right to left. Today was created on August 13th, 1976.

How to celebrate – Be proud to be left handed. See how many things in your every day life would be backwards to left handed people. Never force a left handed person to be right handed.

August 13th International Left Hander’s Day

Are you left-handed? Do you find life difficult because you are left handed? Well, you’re not alone! But you are outnumbered. The fact is, only somewhere between 12 and 10% of the population of the world is left handed.


There are no coffee cups with those cute saying or pictures designed for the left-handed. That means the image always faces out instead of in. Desks are not made for left handed people, scissors and computer mouse are not made in left handed versions. And those items that are created with left handed people in mind are generally more expensive than those made for right-handed. Now before you get on your high and mighty, most products are made for the largest majority, not the smallest.


Personally, I always wanted to be left-handed but I wasn’t. It seemed to me that it made me different and stand out, of course I did not see the difference of the difficulty involved for those who were left handed. Back in the 1600’s, left-hander’s were considered witches and warlocks. That’s a bit harsh!

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The term “Southpaw” comes to us from those baseball pitchers who throw left-handed. Their ball seems to have a different spin and curve than the right-hander’s. I think that is what makes left handed pitchers in baseball so valuable. If they are any good at all, they are very effective.

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And left handed guitar players had to use right handed guitars turned upside down for years. Today they do make left handed guitars but they are more expensive than the right hand guitars. Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney might be the most famous.


And you might be interested to know that all Polar bears are considered left-handed. I am not sure how they tested them, so far as I know they do not write, pitch a baseball or play guitar but then I admit I have not been around them all that much.

How to celebrate –  If you are left-handed take pride in it! Make your own left handed coffee cup. See if you can become ambidextrous.