May 21st National Waiters and Waitresses Day

There is no doubt that the recent events one of the largest suffering groups in the workforce has been those who serve us as waiters and waitresses. With all the closures these workers have had no work to go to, since their income depends on the tips they get they have had no income at all. Since I write these in advance of the actual day I can only hope by now that many of these people are back to work. But we have to remember that they have suffered, that they often have families and children of their own and bills that have to be paid. So if you are out eating, hopefully you are, please remember what they have gone through and take care of them as they take care of you.

How to celebrate – Tip you waiter or waitress. Treat your waiter or waitress the same as you would want to be treated. Be thankful you have an income to be able to eat out.

November 16th National Fast Food Day

Most fast food places found their start in the 1950’s when Americans, or at least the youth, started hanging out in their cars.  Everybody needs to eat, most everybody likes to eat and nobody likes to wait.  The birth of the fast food restaurant was a natural progression.


One of the most popular is McDonalds. Founded in 1955. Originally neither they, nor their customers, cared about eating healthy but over the years that has changed. It appears that they are even currently challenging Starbucks with their coffee menu.


Things got a little healthier in 1967 when Chick-fil-a opened it’s doors. Still fast food, they took a little more care preparing their food. One of the few fast food companies that recognizes that Sundays are a day the family should stay at home for a home cooked meal.

download (7)Taco Bell started in 1962, taking us South of the Border. It’s also gotten spicier over the years which I guess for many is a good thing.


And the granddaddy of them all is KFC, founded in 1930. I believe it was healthier when it first started than it may be today but it is still Finger Licking Good. Fried chicken is traditionally a southern dish and typically American, which is where fast food got its start.

How to celebrate – See how many fast food restaurants you can name. Have one of your meals today at a fast food restaurant (I would suggest just one though). Serve a feast to your family putting as many different fast foods on the table as you can.