January 17th Ditch New Years Resolutions Day

Most of us make some sort of resolution on New Years Day. We seek to find some way to improve ourselves, eat less, visit others more, give up a bad habit. At the time we make the resolution we really mean to comply with what we resolve, but normally a day or two later, or maybe even an hour or two later, we give it up. Well today is 17 days into the New Year and the semi-official day to give our resolutions up and not feel bad about it! Okay, so maybe you’ll still feel bad about it but since the day says we can give them up, it’s okay. There’s always next year and new resolution to break. So pat yourself on the back, at least you tried.

How to celebrate – Find that list of resolutions and destroy it. Make up a new list that you can give up next year. If you didn’t make a resolution, make one now so you can give it up.

January 17th Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day

Are you still honoring those New Year’s Resolutions you made last year? Well, it’s time to lose them! Most people haven’t made it this far so why be the exception, join the crowd. I mean, they were well intended and all but did you really mean them? Sure they sounded great when you made them, it no doubt impressed everyone around you and your family members but come on, we all know you weren’t going to keep them so get over them!

Last year, I had forgotten the New Year’s resolution by the 17th anyway! I think it may have been to take memory lessons. Things like making a resolution to lose weight and such just backfire anyway, in fact any resolution normally means to think about it all the time so you only bring the action to mind constantly.

That’s why diets normally don’t work because people tend to think about all the foods they can’t have instead of the foods they can. When that becomes a constant thought, and craving, then you are bound to break your diet. So when you make a New Year’s resolution you are actually doing the same thing, bringing the issue to the front of your thoughts rather than burying them where you don’t even think about it at all.

So just give up that resolution and move on with your life. It really doesn’t matter anyway, unless of course it’s to become a brain surgeon or something. 

How to celebrate – Try to remember the resolution you made on New Years. Forget the resolution you made on New Years. Make a resolution not to make a resolution next year.

January 1st New Year’s Day

This is the first day of the rest of your life! Oh, and the first day of the brand new year. It’s time to be with family, over eat and make all those resolutions that you never plan to keep! If you have awakened without a hangover, it’s a great start to your new year. If you have one, its a result of carrying over last year into the new year.

new year people-saidaonline

We have been marking the beginning of the new year with the ball dropping in New York City since 1908. People may think this is an original idea but actually it isn’t. In New York City a ball would drop everyday to mark noon for years before the new years ball drop.


It is also a day of parades. It’s sort of a mix of marching in the new while marching out the old. Well, it gives you something to do, or watch, or ignore as the case may be. Did you know that if you drop a raisin in a glass of champagne it will continue to rise and fall as long as there is champagne in the glass!?!


It’s also a time to reflect on relationships. Starting off the new year with those you have chosen to bring the new year in and forgetting those you have left behind. (Well, not actually forgetting them but moving on anyway)


So it’s a new year. Time to get on with life and forget the mistakes you have made last year.It is the only time of the year you can start off without having made a bunch of mistakes, hopefully, and live your life according to who, and what, you choose to be.

How to celebrate – List your New Year’s resolutions. Join in a parade! Be thankful you have a new year to start.