August 15th Relaxation Day

Boy there sure seem to be a lot of this type of day during the summer. Maybe it’s because it’s so hot and you really do need to have down time after performing some activity during the day.


Plus, it’s a time when you can go outside and enjoy the weather rather than fight it. Just kick back and listen to the birds sing, watch the clouds fly by and maybe nap. There are a lot of ways to relax, each of us have our favorite. They art not all doing nothing. Some people relax by playing baseball, going bike riding or even working in the garden.


Swimming is always a favorite. It’s good exercise, cool and relaxing. Some relax by swimming laps while others, floating down a lazy river. It’s more about putting yur mind at ease, allowing it to slow down and rejuvenate itself.

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Others find yoga a way to relax, or taking yourself into a zen state. Again, this is all about the mind more than the body.  They say that those who work hard, play hard… and I suppose that’s true. It’s still relaxing, even if it doesn’t look like it.

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Still, just laying back and soaking in the sun while closing your eyes and letting your mind wander is what brings the most satisfactory results for most people… and animals. take a deep breath, breath in the fresh air and exhale the day.

How to celebrate – Relax in what ever way you choose. Make time for daily relaxation. It’s summer, relax.

August 15th National Relaxation Day

Why do these days always seem to fall during the work week? Clearly someone who is either retired, or not working created them. Seeing as how no one has claimed it, it makes me think it may be the latter.

However, that being said, today is a day to sleep in, and let your mind, and muscles, take a break (or serve in Congress which is about the same thing). We do need to relax though, it builds us back up, and makes us actually more productive when it is time to work.


In some ways, wouldn’t it be nice if we could sleep walk through our day. Get our work done while we sleep so we can accomplish two things at once! Or how about doing one of those 5k runs!?! If we could sleep through it we could get in shape while catching up on our sleep! Most work an 8 hour day and they say, whoever they are, that we should get 8 hours of sleep too, perfect! Get them both done at the same time!


Then when we are awake we can spend more time… you got it… relaxing! We could be the most relaxed creatures on earth! The same “they” also say we are most creative when we are relaxed. I assume that’s because we don’t have to think about what we have to do. I know a lot of people that I have worked with don’t ever seem to be thinking about work when they are working.


So today is your day to relax. Sit back and let your mind wander, your muscles unwind and your nerves settle. You deserve it because… well because… just because.

How to celebrate – Spend your day relaxing. Figure out your own relaxation schedule, so long as it doesn’t require any effort. Don’t worry, be happy.

January 8th Bubble Bath Day

As I have stated before, I do not totally understand the concept of a bath. If you are taking a bath because you want to get clean, it makes no sense to me at all. Whatever dirt you have accumulated during the day you transfer to the water as soon as you sit down in the tub. Hence, when you are done, and rise up to get out of the bath, you will carry a certain amount of that dirt back on you. Just look at the ring around your tub when the water drains out to prove my point.


I do understand the idea of the bath for infants. First off, they either can’t stand yet or they can’t stand for very long. And I suppose even as they get older they like to play in the water. I guess this is what we call good clean fun!


I even understand it for animals, who are probably having to be restrained while they are bathed. I have never met one that will take a shower on their own. And naturally if you get in there with them you may need a bath to sooth those muscles you have strained.bubble-bath-600x450

I even understand the relaxation felt when sitting in a hot tub of water. Athletes use it to relax and help massage those bruised bones and pulled muscles. Adding a little aromatic therapy can be a really good idea as well. However, if the purpose is to get clean then you will need a shower afterwards, before or both! The bubbles do help, I’m not exactly sure why, but they do.


Now when you add a little champagne, candles and some bubbles to your bath I begin to get an entirely different picture. Add a few chocolates, some romantic music and two people, already clean from taking a shower, the idea changes completely! The peek-a-boo effect is fun and I suppose it could still be categorized as having a little clean fun!

How to celebrate – Make your own good reason for a bubble bath. Try taking a bubble shower! Plan a massive bubble bath with the entire family, including the animals, dressed appropriately of course.

August 15th National Relaxation Day


Chill out. Sit back in your chair, or better yet a hammock and try to make shapes out of the clouds floating overhead. This is a day where you just totally relax.


Take a break from the stress that surrounds you and calm yourself into nirvana. Let your mind go blank, think about nothing. Don’t fix any meals, work in the yard or even go for a walk.


Become one with the universe, listen to the birds sing, and zone out (but don’t fall asleep because then you have wasted your day of relaxation.


How to celebrate: Allow no news to upset your day. Visit the beach. Don’t worry, be happy.