November 7th Book Lover’s Day

So, where is your favorite place to read a book? In bed? Sitting on the porch? In the bath? What’s you favorite book? Mystery? Western? Romance? Well, today is your day to enjoy that book even more, it’s Book Lover’s Day! I know a lot of people who like to use their book as a door stop… I find it very difficult to read it that way… but to each their own. The day is always celebrated the first Saturday of November but really it could be celebrated every day for those of us that love to read. And now for the usual plug on my short story, “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green” available on e-books at Amazon. You know if everybody bought one I’d stop plugging it!

How to celebrate – Read a good book today. Read “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”. Make a list of your favorite authors.

September 6th Read A Book Day

Reading is a great way to pass time and learn something, even if its just to learn how to have fun. I love books, I read nightly and unfortunately save nearly every book I’ve ever read. My study is overrun with books. That’s the one good thing about e-books, they are much easier to store! Speaking of E-books, check out “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green” on Amazon. It’s a quick read and great for the holidays! Oh, and I wrote it so it will do wonders for me! (It’s cheap too!) I’d love to know what you think of it.

How to celebrate – Read a book. Tell a story. Share something you have learned from a book.

April 2nd International Children's Book Day

Today was created by the International Board on Books in honor of Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday. Books launch us into other worlds, other eras and places we might not be able to go otherwise. And for children, it’s important to open their minds to other possibilities, real or imagined. And I shamelessly offer my book, “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green” as an example of something children, and families can enjoy. It’s on Amazon for only 99 cents. Yes it’s a Christmas story but since we don’t really know when the first Christmas was I guess it makes it good all year long. Anyway, if you know a child, get them a book, you won’t regret it.

How to celebrate – Get a book for a child. Donate a book to the library. Read “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”.

August 9th Book Lover’s Day

August 9th Book Lover’s Day

It’s summer, the perfect time to set up a hammock under a shade tree and read a good book while sipping on some iced tea or lemonade. There are millions of books to chose from and more coming out every year. The publishing trade has changed a great deal, good books are often found as self-published books because of the deals made to sell to the big stores and outlets. Spend some time on Amazon and look for something you find of interest. Nearly every subject known to man has a book written on it, or about it. You’re bound to find something you like (maybe even the book I wrote called, “Why the Evergreen’s Stay Green” by John Olbert – you’ll find it available on Amazon).

How to celebrate – Find a good book to read. Write a book of your own. Spend a summer afternoon learning something new.

November 13th National Young Readers Day

In 1989 Pizza Hut and the Center of the Book in the Library of Congress created today in an attempt to get children to read more. Why? Well, because children’s worlds are as limited, or as unlimited, as we help make them.


We may not be able to give them the opportunity to be the Queen of England or a cowboy in the wild west, a great detective like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, or to live like a patriot in Willamsburg or an artist in Paris… but we can let them experience those things by reading about them.


images (1)

If we aren’t careful, they might actually learn something! Books take use to worlds we might not otherwise ever experience. If they do that for us adults imagine what it can do for a kid that still has an open mind and dreams to fulfill.


And it allows us adults to put in those shameless plugs to sell books we have written! (Available on Amazon) The fact is, writing a book for children might be the only way they will hear us.


Or not…

How to celebrate – Find a book your kid would enjoy reading and give it to them. Encourage your child to write themselves. Read a book with your child.

October 27th National Tell A Story Day

Okay, so I am writing this blog in the US but that does not mean we can’t celebrate days from other countries, particularly one we are so close to! It is National Tell A Story Day in Scotland and the rest of the UK.


True, we do have our own Tell A Story Day here in the US but you really cannot get too many days where you tell a story to someone. I do, however, suggest avoid telling the “Hamilton” story in the UK. Even though he was sort of a Brit, they do not feel exactly the same as we do about his story.


There are plenty of other stories to tell. They can be fiction, non-fiction or whatever you feel most comfortable with. If you can’t find anyone to tell the story to, you can try telling it to your dog… but don’t expect them to stick around to the end unless you have a lot of treats.


It’s best to try and find a captive audience, at least when you start it. If you are a good story teller, you will capture their attention once you’ve gotten started, it’s the beginning that’s a little rough. The movie industry learned this the hard way. So today they like to start off with a lot of explosions and controversial scenes so people will stick around to hear the rest of the story.


Or maybe just find a child to read to, most love to hear a good story and like spending time with their parents, teachers and people they know.  They will believe nearly anything you tell them so make sure it is a story worth hearing. And naturally, today you need to speak with a British or Scottish accent to honor the day in the UK.

How to celebrate – Find a story to tell somebody. Make up a story to tell somebody. Visit England/Scotland and have someone tell you a story today.

September 8th International Literacy Day

Since most kids go back to school in September (Here in Florida it happens in August) it is only fitting that we celebrate International Literacy Day. It’s kinda important! If all the people of the world could read, maybe we’d get along a little better than we do.


The United Nations created the day on September 8th, 1965 for UNESCO, or the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The more we learn about each other the more we will respect one another. (At least in theory)


When the doors open, opportunity presents itself. Sometimes it doesn’t work as well as we plan but maybe that’s because we expect too much. Opening up the world of reading to those who have never read before teaches them that there is a world beyond that they live in.


We can learn to laugh and cry with others, read their struggles and their success’ and become closer as a world, not just a country. I read everyday and I learn so much that it sometimes amazes me. (Because I am old and thought I had learned everything!) Books let me know, I have learned so little, even though I have lived so long.

download (1)

It would be nice if the United Nations worked. Maybe someday we can read about the success stories because of their efforts. However, as long as there are politicians most nations are subjected to only what they want to teach us. So when reading, remember to always accept what you learn with a grain of salt.

How to celebrate – Donate books you have already read to those that have none. Read new books with new opinions. Write your experience down for others to share.

September 6th Read A Book Day

Well, there are a number of calendar days of the year and in many ways, today is just another one of those days. But the point of it all is… “Read”. It is entertaining, educational and informative. What else could you want?


Now for those that say I can’t find anything to read I say… horse feathers! (I don’t really say that) There are libraries filled with books covering every subject you can imagine. History (my favorite), science, life, fashion, sports, language, religion, math, biographical, fiction, non-fiction, cooking… you think it up and someone has written about it.

download (2)

There are horror books, like “Frankenstein”, that scare us and books like “Green Eggs and Ham” that delight us. It can take you anywhere you want to go, for as long as you want to go there and imagine yourself as one of the characters in the book allowing you to become a hero if even for a short while.


I love watching people read when they don’t know I’m watching. (No its not a weirdo thing) They go through all sorts of emotions that I am sure they don’t think they are showing. That smile, that tear, it lets you know that they are really living what they are reading.


And for someone like me, your reading a book can help pay the bills! So Why Do The Evergreens Stay Green? Well, you’ll have to read it to know why (shameless plug, available on Amazon, itunes, B&N, and Google Books). If nothing else, read to find out why you should be reading.

How to celebrate – Read a book. Write a book. Subscribe to our Bizarre Bibliotheca Box (yes another shameless plug).

April 2nd International Children’s Book Day

When you give a child a book to read you open the door to worlds they might otherwise never know.  As adults, we are busy living life, providing for or families, and tired from our every day efforts. Children, on the other hand, still have opens minds, look for adventure and are sponges soaking up information. Books can lead them to a life of wonder and awe.


The day was created by the International Board on Books for Youth, dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday in 1805. You may have heard of a few of his books like, “Hansel and Gretel”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “The Ugly Duckling”.  If you haven’t, I am sure your children have.


There are books on every subject that you can imagine. They teach every subject imaginable and bring hours and hours of enjoyment. Who knows, maybe one will convince your child to become a writer themselves! You see children are the future, but they learn from what you put in their heads today.

evergreensfinalcover1400 (1)

Give them the skills to communicate and teach and maybe we will all have a better future in store.

How to celebrate – Give your child a book. Read to your children. Get your child to write their own book.

February 21st Read A Card Day

It seems a little odd that today is read a card day since there is no real holiday associated with it. However, it still can be a good day to read a card. Particularly to re-read a card that you have already received. Or to send one you meant to sent. I mean, how cool would it be to receive a card for no reason at all!?!


Or how about leaving one to a co-worker, of course unsigned. They’ll be wondering all day who gave them the card. Although, in the world today maybe that’s not such a good idea. Sad, you can’t really be nice to anyone anymore.

lhs valentines gifts 07
And Heaven forbid anyone give out Valentine Day Cards anymore. After-all, that means someone may like you… we can’t have that anymore now can we!?!

images (2)

I think it’s still safe to read a baseball card. It’s pretty cool, it has all kinds of information on the back of the card. Of course it depends on whether they are a pitcher or a position player. And then you have to read all those years where they were getting started (Normally not so good) but then as they rose through the ranks it gets pretty interesting. I always find it a little interesting that when a player can hit safely 3 times out of 10 they are considered a really good hitter and get paid millions of dollars. I couldn’t, but then I am not earning millions of dollars for doing it either.


So if baseball isn’t your sport you can always get football cards, or basketball cards, or… well, if anything is popular you can get a card of someone that plays, acts or is a star of some kind. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had cards like those for the everyday worker. The back of the card could be like hobbies, interests and jail records!

How to celebrate – Enjoy getting a card while you still can. Enjoy giving a card while you still can. Make up cards for people where you work, it should get a few laughs!