July 1st Build A Scarecrow Day

With summer being here we all have probably dug our gardens and are anxiously waiting for the plants to pop through the ground. The thing is, as soon as they begin to pop through the ground all sorts of creatures begin to arrive to take our gardens from us.

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There are two choices, either set up a cot and lay out there in the garden with your babies to protect them or, build something that looks like a person to stand guard when you can’t. Hence, the scarecrow is born. Your scarecrow doesn’t have to be dressed to the nine’s, in fact the more ragged it looks the better. If it looks like it would fight the animals for the food, they tend to stay away. (Therefore, do not make a fat scarecrow)


They can even be good-natured, even funny if you like. The animals probably won’t even notice the difference. If they do, maybe their laughter will notify you to take action. Of course, the smarter creatures will know your scarecrows aren’t real so if you can make them move, that ought to shock them. (No pun intended)

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Naturally I can mention scarecrows without resorting to the ultimate scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Hey! Maybe you could call your garden Oz and pretend your scarecrow is Ray Bolger! Your wife can be Dorothy and the husband the Tin Man. After all, hopefully your garden will be green! (Or you could go as the Wicked Witch and a Flying Monkey but then you would be teaching the creatures attacking your garden bad things)


If you are creative, maybe you can make an entire family of scarecrows. You can even leave them up because it’s only four months to Halloween. Yes, they may sort of look like ghosts but what’s scarier? Ghosts or a bunch of clothes on a stick?

How to celebrate – Have some fun, build a scarecrow. Enter one of many scarecrow building contests that take place this month. Build a patriotic scarecrow for the 4th of July.