April 3rd Find A Rainbow Day

Today you are supposed to find a rainbow. If it doesn’t rain, good luck. However don’t give up. Rainbows can appear in the strangest places at the oddest times. It does require some sort of liquid, water works best, and the atmospheric conditions allow light to reflect off that droplet of liquid. Now if you remember Roy G. Biv, a great scientist even if made up, you’ll get the colors of the rainbow in order. Starting with red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. April was picked because April showers bring May flowers and hence, it’s supposed to rain in April, like a lot!

How to celebrate – Start looking for your rainbow early. Look for other sorts of rainbows besides those you see in the sky. Watch the Muppets.

May 13th Leprechaun Day

I’m not sure why Leprechaun Day is in the middle of May but then, why not? This Irish legend is told to own a pot of gold and that if you can capture one, they will give it to you. Good luck, the pot of gold is just as real as the leprechaun itself. Still, it is fun to think that a leprechaun might be real. After all, a lot of us play lotto and that runs nearly the same chance of being captured. It’s all about the belief that there is something out there that can change your life if you are lucky enough to find it. Truth is, luck is in the caring of others who will give you that chance, and so few do. So it’s not so much find a leprechaun as it is finding a human who will give you that lucky chance to change your life and find the true pot of gold, being able to do what you love to do.

How to celebrate – Go looking for a leprechaun. Create your own end of the rainbow. Take a chance on someone and become their leprechaun.

June 23rd National Pink Day

Okay, so it’s National Pink Day. I hope you are feeling in the pink, meaning well. Pink is also breast cancer awareness. It’s the color of a baby girl. The mixture of white and red, blended to make an entirely third color, one that means something different to nearly everyone… and that’s okay!

images (3)

Pink seems to always stand out. Bright or pale, people just seem to notice it. There is an innocence to pink, though it is not pure, a calmness though it can be very hot and feels like love though it isn’t as enveloping as the color red.


It is a fun color. It’s hard to depressed when you are in the middle of something pink. It goes with practically ever other color of the rainbow and is rarely over powering or overwhelming.


Naturally there are those that get carried away with their love of pink. That’s going to happen with any color. Pink hair, pink dogs and pink airplanes may be a little over the top but they aren’t exactly offensive either.


The perfect blend of innocents and passion, it can lead you in any direction but it will keep you calm and peaceful. After all, how many armies have you ever seen wearing pink!

How to celebrate – Wear something pink today. Discover the different shades of pink. Plant some pink flowers.