October 25th Punk For A Day Day

Oh boy, here’s one of my favorite days of the year! (Not really) It’s Punk For A Day Day! Fortunately we do not have to honor Punks, we just need to pretend we are one for the day. We can dress up, put on fake tattoos and act like we hate everybody… but just for the day.


You have lots of choices, Punk Doctor, Punk Model, Punk Chef… of course the most natural is a Punk Rocker. And… the upside of the day… you don’t really need any talent to do it! The idea is to show your anger at society and bash a lot of stuff around you. The bashing part is probably the most important part.

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Of course looking different is a key… however all the punk people look the same so I am not sure that proves anything. There definitely is a statement being made. The piercings alone tell us a lot. I am not sure what that statement is, nor am I sure I want to know what it is. Perhaps it’s simply, “it’s the only way anyone will ever see me”.


Of course where ever we have punks we have those who want to rid the world of punks. I believe everyone has the right to make a statement, so long as it doesn’t stop anyone else choice of choosing for themselves. Punks are generally thought of as thugs and bangers… so be careful of the company you keep.


It is generally believed that Punk started in the UK. Sort of ironic in a society that professes calm and consideration.  Maybe that’s why Steam Punk is so big today… it’s showing your displeasure for society while looking like you might be a vampire from the mid-1800’s!

How to celebrate – Go Punk for the day. Remember to use the fake tattoos or you may regret them later on. It makes no sense piercing something that no one sees… it doesn’t make much more sense piercing something that can be seen.



October 25th Punk For A Day

I’m not sure that I completely understand the punk movement. While I was growing up the thought of being a punk was one of the worse things one could become. I understand rebellion, I don’t understand looking like death warmed over.


Of course, my parents didn’t understand me wanting to play rock and roll so I guess it’s a generational thing. Oddly though, much of the punk look is going back to the way Native American warrior looked when they went to war.


It seems that mutilating parts of your body goes along with being a punker. While I guess that’s fine for youth I wonder how they will feel when they reach seventy. And I come from an era where having something hanging from you nose was considered gross.

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But its youth and so they rarely think about the future. (Or at least their future) They are too busy protesting the present. And for many they don’t even have a cause that concerns them, they just like looking that way.  I guess there are those who found Frankenstein attractive as well.


One area I do kind of find interesting is the Steam Punk movement.  It sort of mixes the old days with modern times. Though the picture above is supposed to represent a Steam Punk Christmas which I don’t really see.

How to celebrate – Dress up like a punk for the day. (Just remember not to make it permanent!) Create your own punk era. Join a punk rock band and go rock out!