August 19th National Potato Day

One of the world’s largest crops and is the potato. It is believed that the potato was first harvested in Peru between 5,000 and 7,000 BC. There were drawings on cave walls finding the use of the potato, perhaps the first appearance of Mr. Potato Head (ok…no, not really). The potato can be served raw, baked, mashed, chipped, hash-browned, french fried, boiled, as soup, and maybe…just maybe… even in a dessert somewhere. It has saved many from starving to death and caused starvation when not available. It’s hard to imagine a day without potatoes.

How to celebrate – Fix some kind of potato with you meals today. Plant some potatoes in your garden. Buy a bag of potato chips.

March 14th National Potato Chip Day

George Crum was the chef at a Saratoga Springs, NY restaurant. In 1853, he sent out a plate of food to a customer that sent it back complaining the potatoes were too thick. Crum sliced the potatoes thinner and sent the plate back out. The customer again returned the plate with the same concern. This time Crum got mad and sliced the potatoes as thin as he could and fried them and sent it back out with revenge in mind. The customer, whose name remains unknown, loved the potatoes and the Potato Chip was born.

How to celebrate – Have some potato chips, because, no one can eat just one. Learn how to make your own potato chips. Visit the Lays factory.

August 19 National Potato Day

Here’s a vegetable that often gets over looked but is used nearly daily by all. The potato! I love potatoes, they are my favorite starch. Mashed, baked, fried, boiled, broiled… sort of reminds of the Forest Gump shrimp routine! The potato has been harvested as a food for almost as long as man can remember. The first use of the potato appears to be in Peru somewhere between 5,000 BC and 7,000 BC. Either date, it’s a long, long time. The potato is fairly easy to grow and over history it has served man well. The potato itself is not fattening either! It’s the butter,s cream, cheese, and bacon toppings, among others, that we use with them that makes them fattening. So stop knocking the potato and use it. But use it well. There are, after-all, a few things in life we can still enjoy.

How to celebrate – Come up with your own potato dish. Think of the holidays without the potato! Grow your own potatoes.

June 17th Eat Your Vegetables Day

You say potato, I say mashed! Today we celebrate the idea of eating all the vegetables on your plate, maybe even forgoing the meat to have nothing but vegetables. They can actually be quite good and are healthier too! Red, green, yellow nearly all the colors of the rainbow. And if you don’t like the flavor you can always cover them in cheese or bacon! Corn, beans, potatoes, squash, okra, broccoli, cauliflower, egg plant, peppers… they are all great! They give you more energy and might even help you lose a little weight! (That is if you don’t cover them in cheese or wrap them in bacon) And you know what makes them taste the absolute best? Grow them yourself, it’s easier than growing a cow.

How to celebrate – Eat some vegetables. Grow some vegetables. At least have a salad.

May 31st National Macaroon Day

It’s nice that my favorite cookie’s day falls on my favorite son’s birthday. Nothing against other cookies, they are good and all but Macaroons are my favorite (and I only have one son so I am not really playing favorites here). It is a flour-less cookie, made from ground nuts and leavened egg whites. It has been a favorite among the Jewish community during Passover since they are not allowed to cook with flour during the season.


The coconut macaroon is by far the most popular and well known but I am told another flavor macaroon comes from potatoes. I’ve never had a potato flavored cookie that I know of, maybe I have… That ought to be interesting, I like potatoes.


Naturally the French had to one up the other macaroons… (macarons) at least I think it was the French. They don’t look like other macaroons (because they’re macarons) and they come in all sorts of flavors. They are good though. Funny looking, yes, and they are claimed to be made by Angels and Unicorns. I am pretty sure Angels have a lot more important things to do and if they were made by Unicorns wouldn’t they have a hole in the middle like a donut? Well Maarons have their own National Holiday in March.


Anyway, the traditional ones can be improved by drizzling chocolate over them, that is if you like chocolate. Not that they need it though. It is believed that the macaroon was first made in Italy around 1792. It is said that this cookie is the only thing that made the monks there talk!


Well, did I mention it is my son’s birthday? I think maybe we should try to make him a macaroon cake. Of course it might be just a tad bit dry by the time it reaches him so, I’ll just have to eat it myself and tell him about it. I’ll bet it’ll be good.!

How to celebrate – Eat a macaroon today! Make some macaroons. Try a macaron made by a unicorn.