July 1st National Postal Worker Day

Six days a week most of us look forward to the arrival of the mail. Well, at least we hope we get something good. It’s sort of turned into junk mail these days but it doesn’t change the idea of something coming to us that can change our day into something better. Like the mail or not we all thank our Postal Workers for all they do. Of course we see the one who delivers it to our door, or mailbox, but there are many many more that work to keep the mail moving. It requires some 490,000 in the US to get the job done while that person that delivers it to our door, well they walk between 4 and 8 miles a day.

How to celebrate – Thank your local mail person. Leave treats for your mail person. Use your postal system to keep it in business.

February 4th Thank A Mailman Day

Aren’t we supposed to call them Mail-person now? Anyway, you really should thank your mailman, person, for all they do. Rain or shine, hot or cold, they deliver your mail. With all the online shopping these days they are kept very busy. Add to that the regular mail it’s a lot.

Does anybody actually send letters anymore!?! I haven’t received one or sent one for as long as I can remember (Which is a pretty long time) Did you know in the past, a long time ago, mail was delivered several times a day!?! Of course it took a lot longer to sort mail sometimes building up a backlog of thousands of packets in the larger cities.

How to celebrate – Try and catch you mail carrier today and thank them. read a book about the US Postal System. Write a letter to someone today.

October 9th World Post Day

October 9th World Post Day


Today was created by the Universal Postal Congress in 1969 to commemorate the anniversary of the UPU, the Universal Postal Union, formed in 1874. The Postal service is obviously important to everyone of us all over the world.


With the invention of email and texting the Postal services have had a reduced role in our lives. Still, we wait daily for the post person to visit us, bring us news, checks and junk mail.

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How to celebrate – Write someone a letter and send it via your regular postal service. Buy some stamps. Start a stamp collection.