June 24th National Swim A Lap Day

Ah summer. It’s warm, or hot, outside and nearly everything you do causes you to sweat. If you keep your exercise regimen then you can plan on sweating a lot! Or… you can start swimming laps! It’s great exercise and you stay cool! And even better, since it’s a National Day you are being patriotic as well! There are really only two things you need to watch out for. The first is, make sure there is water in your pool! Diving in to swim laps when there is no water can be a bit hazardous. The second is, you really should always swim with partner, it’s safer and more fun.

How to celebrate – Swim a lap! Throw a pool party. enjoy the good weather.

December 5th Bathtub Party Day

Today is a day to clean up your act. It’s bathtub party day. Sort of reminds me of that old joke, “Shower together and say water”. Well, I guess you can have a party by yourself. It is a little hard to decorate the tub if it has water in it. There’s always the rubber ducky but banners and party favors normally do not fair well.


Now I looked up pictures for today and nearly everyone was dressed, in the tub, without water. So, how often do you climb into the tub with your clothes on, use no water and fill it with balloons and streamers? I can only remember a half dozen times this year that I did that.


Of course, party hats are pretty much mandatory. And again, you must be aware this day has been created, and copyrighted, by the good people at Wellcat.com.  So you will need to remember to pay them a fee if you do decide to have a bathtub party.


And frankly, I don’t understand the point of baths anyway. Unless you are having a party it is not the ideal way to get clean. You are dirty getting into the water, hence the point of taking a bath, and to get yourself clean… you sit in that water that you made dirty.

Elegant bathtub party day 81 best Happy Bathtub Party Day images on Pinterest
Elegant bathtub party day 81 best Happy Bathtub Party Day images on Pinterest

Now some bathtubs are larger than others. They sort of look like pools and there, I can understand having a party. The rubber ducky is optional at that point and the more, the merrier!

How to celebrate – Throw a bathtub party. Invite your best friends. Put some bubble bath in your pool. (No! Don’t do that!)