September 23rd Checkers Day/ Dogs in Politics Day

In 1952 Richard Nixon, then candidate for Vice President, was accused of taking a bribe… it was a dog given to his daughters. The dog’s name was Checkers and it was valued at a thousand dollars. (Some expensive dog for 1952!) Nixon, instead of fighting the accusations by the democrats, went to the public giving a speech about the dog and his children, on September 23rd, 1952. It is considered one of the best speeches ever given and Nixon kept the dog and won over the American people as well. Was it a bribe? Who knows, who cares? It was a dog and children, both who loved each other.

How to celebrate – Read about politics in 1952. Learn about Checkers the dog. Who is your “dog” in the race?

February 6th Lame Duck Day

We all know what a lame duck is, don’t we? Though it does have a lot of meanings we generally contribute the most popular meaning to Presidents since the passing of the 20th amendment to the constitution dealing with Presidential succession. Basically we know that anyone who is in power but will soon be out of power can’t get much done. It can be a CEO or even a small business owner that falls into this category but generally we call people in politics lame ducks once it is known they are leaving office. We’ll have to come up with another term for those in office that can’t get anything done.

How to celebrate – Do whatever you want because it’s not really going to matter. Go to the park and feed the ducks. Run for office just so you can eventually become a lame duck.

February 1st No Politics Day

If there ever was a day we really should celebrate it’s today! Politics effect all of us but as long as they are run by the very powerful regimes’ that tell us who we can vote for we really can’t do anything about them. It would be nice if those running for office actually listened to the people but they rarely, if ever, do. So we sit around our dining table discussing who is right and who is wrong, often making enemies out of friends and to what end? So today is no politics day. A day where we do not think about or talk about politics. If we see their commercials on tv or hear them on the radio, we turn them off. A glorious day where we don’t hear any promises, threats or visions on what we should care about and why we should care the way they do. The day was created by Rob Matthews of Rochester, NY in 2017. Wouldn’t it be great if every day was “No Politics Day”.

How to celebrate – Do not talk politics. Do not watch or listen to commercials preaching politics. Pretend like you are a King or Queen and rule your own life.

February 1st No Politics Day

Don’t you get tired of all the politics? The daily drudge of who hates who and who is better than who? Does it really matter? it seems like all the politicians are after is what is good for themselves, not the people they lead. Of course, what is good for one is generally bad for another so I guess politics will never change.

It just seems like we are getting further and further apart, those who are conservative are getting more conservative while those on the liberal side are getting more liberal. We use to come to the middle to get things done, now all we do is get further and further apart so someone is always upset.

So here’s a day where we forget all that. Forget about who is a Republican and who is a Democrat and just get along with each other, like we use to. No military threats, no global warming, no speeches saying nothing we haven’t heard before.

Maybe it would be better if we got rid of all political parties and just let the best man or woman win the election based on who they are and what they believe in. It isn’t going to happen but its a nice dream.

How to celebrate – Don’t talk politics today. Don’t listen to the news, it’s bound to be political. Pretend you are neither a Democrat or a Republican.

February 1st No Politics Day

It would be so nice to not hear something about politics for an entire day. The media just can’t let something go even if the people don’t want to hear about it anymore. They dredge up stuff just to create stories so that they can have something to report on 24-7 and we never really know if its true or not. Politicians create stories as well, so often so bad that you have to wonder just how stupid they truly are.


We have gotten so politically correct that we are actually going overboard the other way now. I am so tired of the political parties.


We are supposed to take it from the horses mouth when more often than not, it’s coming from the other end. And when they can not longer attack the issues, they attack the person (of course I guess they have always done that). If we just ended the party system, we would actually have to listen to what the person was saying and they would have to come up with something that wasn’t just the party line.


The day was created in 2017 by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY.

How to celebrate – Just don’t talk today. Don’t turn on the television. Don’t get out of bed.

February 26th Oscar Night

If you are into movies, tonight is your night to celebrate. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This is the night the best of the best in Hollywood, and across the world, come out to get their rewards for being the best at their job.


And trust me, it is a job. They get paid extremely well but they work very long hours both on set and in the promotion of the product they have created. As hard as the actors work, the crew works even harder. It really isn’t something you want to get into if you are not in love with it.


And as the actors parade in front of the small screen, something most of them detest, they will take credit for pretending to be someone else, as seen by someone else, and directed by yet someone else. And of course their opinions on the world and the condition it is in is so much more valuable than yours or mine. Because they may have played Winston Churchill obviously makes them as smart as Winston Churchill! They played Albert Einstein so obviously they have to right to speak out as Albert Einstein spoke out. It’s only natural!


And they tell us all how to spend our money, what to think and how to act because, of course, they have such perfect track records themselves that we should all live like them. I have to admit that I am amazed there are any wealthy actors because they all spend every dime they make on charity and others, never anything on themselves!


The Oscars started on Radio in 1930, it moved to television in 1953. I wonder if it moved back to radio is anyone would listen? Since the Academy began issuing these treasures there have been 3,048 given out… almost every one using the format to express their opinions about how you and I should think, feel and act. Ever try to tell one of them what you think? They are not interested.

Well I do admire what they do… just wish they’d do their job and keep their mouths shut like the rest of us. Since they live and work in a world of fantasy… I just wish the Oscars could get back to what they were originally meant for, thanking audiences everywhere for enjoying someone pretending to be someone else.  So maybe it’s appropriate that La La Land is up for more awards than anyone else ever before.

How to celebrate – Make some popcorn and enjoy the show. Route for your favorite actor not making a political statement. Admire those actors who don’t use an award show for making a political statement.

Feb 1st No Politics Day

After an election most of us are done with the political atmosphere, most of us, not all. Some, like the media, have nothing else to do or report, so they go on and on and on and on… I am not sure who they think they are helping.


Yes, we all had our choice for president, maybe even the Senate and the House, of course local government… but when all is said and done we’d all be so much better off if they just left whoever was elected to get on with it and stayed quiet. I am not sure why someone who spends their life playing someone else has the right to express their opinion on who they think is right and who they think is wrong. They never help anyone, it only causes problems. The news I expect to talk endlessly about something and since politics is normally front and center it makes the best target. If we all just stopped listening though, maybe they would go away.


It’s sort of like picking at a scab. It doesn’t help, only makes it worse and nobody really wants to see you doing that. So just shut-up! Whether we ended up with who we wanted or not, life goes on. Whether we approve of the job they are doing or not, they will go on. So what’s the point in talking about it? We aren’t going to change each others minds and even if we could, what’s the point… we can’t go back and change anything.


So get over it, stop discussing things you can’t do anything about and do something useful like, talking about your neighbors!

How to celebrate – Turn off any television show you see today that talks about politics. Walk away from anyone you hear talking about politics. If you get involved in any conversation about politics just agree with everything someone says, that will end the conversation quickly.

September 23rd National Checkers and Dogs in Politics Day

You think we have weird politics today? Well, it’s always been weird. On September 23rd, 1953 Richard Nixon, then running for Vice-President, was charged with taking improper gifts from those supporting him by giving him valuable items in exchange for his expenses while running for office.


He gave what is now known as the “Checkers Speech” on that date, announcing he was returning everything given to him except a black and white dog named Checkers. He went onto television and gave the speech, lasting a half-hour, saying he was returning everything except for Checkers since his children so loved the dog.  I think Nixon did too.


After the speech, 60 million Americans supported his actions and Nixon kept Checkers.  He was also elected, with Ike Eisenhower as President, to the position of Vice-President. Well, years later Nixon would prove to be a criminal and was the only President actually to resign his position as President of the United States. With all the mistakes he made, probably none worse than any of the other Presidents we have had, at least he proved his devotion to a dog, making him a decent person in my book.


If he was willing to give up his chance at being Vice-President to keep his dog, it speaks well to me.


Well Checkers did eventually die. They buried him, created a grave marker, and have seen to it that it is kept up. For a President that lost everyone’s respect for getting caught at something they all do at least he had a friend, a true friend, not one that even politics could separate him from.

How to celebrate – Give your pet an extra hug or kiss tonight. Read about Nixon and Checkers. Play a game of Checkers in Checkers memory.

May 5th Cartoonists Day

Cartoonists work in a large medium that includes animation, comic strips, comic books, editorial cartoons, graphic novels, manuals, gag cartoons, graphic design, illustration, storyboards, posters, shirts, books, advertisements, greeting cards, magazines, newspapers, and video game packaging.

William Hograth is credited with pioneering the Western sequential art. The cartoon we know best is the comic strip.  Many of us remember  “Peanuts”, “Blondie” and  “Beetle Bailey” from the newspaper every Sunday. Some comics came in single panels, reflecting the deeper thoughts of society at the time, such as the featured comic above done by Thomas Nash during the American Civil War. Most are funny, some are political, others are very serious. Nash covered the war from its highs and lows, saying in the newspapers, what others were afraid to say out-loud. He could also be humorous, such as when Nash created the Elephant for the G.O.P..004tnast

Among other great political cartoonists were James Gillray and Thomas Rowlandson in 18th century England. In the US, Ben Franklin is credited with being the first editor to put a comic in a newspaper.


The twentieth century was filled with freelance cartoonists such as Charles Addams, Irwin Caplan, Chon Day, Clyde Lamb and John Norment, and of course, the comic strips which we are all familiar with such as those created by Mort Walker, who preferred to produce his comic strips with a studio, and Bill Watterson and Charles Schultz, who enjoyed doing their work alone.political_cartoon_by_queenmari

Marvel, D.C. Comics, Classics Illustrated, and so many other comic book companies have hired, and in some cases still do, so many cartoonists that it would be nearly impossible to list them all. Yet each one of them is truly an artist that creates a world we may not be able to live in, but we sure enjoy looking at.


How to celebrate Cartoonist Day: Look over the comics in the newspapers and magazines that you read, but this time, be sure to make a mental note of who the artist was that created it. Watch an animated movie, make sure you pay attention to the credits at the end of the film.  Try drawing your own cartoon, see just how difficult it can be!