May 15th Police Officer’s Memorial Day

By Act of Congress, Police Officer’s Memorial Day was begun to honor those men and women who have fallen in the line of duty, serving the people of their communities and states. It seems to be a fade today to hate police because they are often forced to use force in the duties they perform. Can you imagine what it would be like to perform the minor chores you do at work everyday but add to that the risk that someone might shot you? Stab you? Or even try to run you over? People do a lot of illegal things but they never want to be caught. Sometimes they even take to violence to keep from getting caught. You and I do not intercede, but a police man, woman, don’t have that option. They have to protect their communities and the people that live there. It’s not easy and while we are seldom perfect, neither are the humans in the police forces. But we do not risk our lives everyday, they do.

Hot to celebrate – Honor the police that keep you safe. If you don’t ever do anything illegal there is little chance you will ever be confronted by the police. Be respectful.

August 4th U.S. Coast Guard Day

It is often the forgotten branch of the defense of our country but over the years it has been the single branch of the service solely devoted to the defense of the United States. Created by the U.S. Congress on August 4th, 1790 it was first known as the Revenue Cutter Service, it’s primary duty to ensure all good brought into the country were both legal and subject to tariffs and taxes.


Originally formed under the guidance of, yes, Alexander Hamilton, (I’m not sure if it’s in the musical “Hamilton” or not but it should be) and evolved from tax and tariff duty to include search and rescue, along with defense. Even though outside of it’s role it did serve sort of as an offensive group during World War 2 as many of the landing craft used to invade our enemies were piloted by Coast Guard trained helmsmen.


They became the police, and fire rescue of the coastal waterways, rivers and lakes of America. The Revenue Cutter Service was changed to the U.S. Coast Guard in 1915 and today are a vital part of Homeland Security. But most of us know them best for the search and rescue of those in need in the water. They have saved untold thousands of people that would have perished otherwise.


Like most of the services, they have their own academy where students are educated in various different majors but include service to the Coast Guard. There are many, many unsung heroes that have given their all to help others and keep our country safe. Their motto, “Semper Paratus” meaning “Always Ready”.


We owe a lot to our men and women of the Coast Guard. They are the most forgotten of all our military services mainly because instead of causing death and destruction, they save and build.

How to celebrate – Read about the history of the Coast Guard. Thank any you see who serve in the Coast guard for their service.  Go see “Hamilton” and see if the Coast Guard is mentioned in the show.

May 15th National Police Officers Memorial Day

Peace Officer, Police, Sheriff, no matter what you call them, these are men and women who place themselves in danger to keep us safe. Lately there are those who feel police officers should be perfect, well when robbers, murderers and street gangs become perfect then I might agree. Until then, respect those who protect us.


Today we honor those who have fallen in the line of duty.  It seems many of them have been killed lately for no reason at all. Of course, when we lose respect for ourselves we will lose respect for those who keep us respectful of others first. Name me one profession where everybody is perfect!?! Then name me one profession that stands between us and danger, 24/7 365 days of the year.


Shoot outs, car crashes, beatings, rescues, you name it and you will find a police officer there. They have families, children, wives, brothers, sisters, everything the normal citizen have but they are often required to put us ahead of themselves, and those they love. Most of us would just run away.


And that old line, try calling a criminal when you need help. I seriously doubt they are going to show up and if they do, watch out! Today was created by an Act of Congress. While it is a National Day, no one takes the day off, few go to the ceremonies held and what’s worth, so many of us just don’t care.


That’s so sad because if they peace officers, sheriff’s police cared as little as we do, we couldn’t trust anyone.

How to celebrate Attend one of the ceremonies in your area. Thank law men and women for what they do. Be respectful.

April 20th Volunteer Recognition Day

Today is the day we officially recognize those that volunteer for the benefit of others. You might be surprised just how many volunteers there are. We are surrounded by them, people who give out of the goodness of their hearts, the need to give back or the desire to pay it forward. Doesn’t really matter, they willingly seek to help other people, animals and the environment.

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There are volunteers in the medical field, military, schools, police… even in grocery stores. People willing to help others without asking anything in return. In a world where so many are out for themselves, it’s nice to know there are still those who put others above themselves.


In the past, there were volunteer armies that protected the borders and if need be, fought for a way of life and to defend their friends, families and neighbors. Those volunteers required other volunteers to feed them, look after their health and supply them with the goods needed to fight.


Many of our fire departments are made up of volunteers. Firemen started out in America as citizens band together to protect each others property. They grew from protecting the block they lived on to the neighborhoods, cities and counties that surrounded them. Today they travel to different states to help protect people they don’t even know.


The world would be a lot more complicated and stressful if not for these volunteers, no matter what cause they serve. You should take the time to thank them and recognize all they do, which is probably a lot more than you realize.

How to celebrate – Find an organization near you where you can volunteer. Throw a volunteers party. Start your own volunteer organization.

May 15th National Police Officers Memorial Day

Today is the day we celebrate those who keep us safe. It seems in fashion these days not to appreciate those who protect us but just stop and think about life without them. And just like the soldiers who protect our freedom from outside forces, these are the men and women who protect us from those around us who feel they have a power over us.


Every day they are heroes. Every time they pull over a speeding car, check on someone who is obviously out of their element and from those who are just plain crazy, they are the ones who protect us from our own community. Of all those who work for us, with us and around us, they are the ones always in the most danger. Whether you agree with them, or don’t, they are the ones that keep society from collapsing.


And many of them will not see tomorrow. Imagine yourself running into a building that is burning or rushing to a scene where someone has been shooting at others. Most of us would go the other way, not police. Remember the next time you get pulled over for speeding that the man, or woman, in front of us may have just rescued a child or faced someone insane. They may have faced a person trying to end their own lives or trying to steal something from someone who has worked hard to earn what they have.


And they face all the same issues we do. Paying the bills, struggles with a loved one, children growing up too fast, relatives that demand too much. And yet, we expect them to be perfect all the time. Shame on us. They are humans and do more for each and every one of us than we do for others in a lifetime.


So today when you see a policeman, or woman, you should really thank them because it is very possible tomorrow, you may not have the chance.

How to celebrate – Thank a police officer for the work they do. Buy a police officer a Starbucks. Place some flowers on the grave of a police officer who fell in the line of duty.

March 18th Supreme Sacrifice Day

Today is the day we pay homage to those who have given their lives for the rest of us making the ultimate supreme sacrifice. You may know someone personally, you may have suffered through that loss, you may never have known someone who gave their all but we all know who they are.

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The police offer up their lives everyday just by putting on the uniform and taking to the street. It seems as though lately we have little respect for them but we need to. We need to get back to the day where we honor these heroes, not jeer them.


Few of us would ever walk into a burning building but firemen do. We run out, while they run into the flames rescuing people, animals, and saving whatever they can. Many pay the ultimate price for their efforts. They too should be remembered.


Obviously the soldier is among those who sacrifice their lives so that we can live free. Sometimes this is hard to see when they fight overseas but be thankful they do, since we probably would have to be fighting in our homes for that same freedom.


Even Mothers and Fathers often offer up their lives for their children, sometimes literally, most of the time by giving up the things they had hoped to do or hoped to be. They willing place themselves between danger and their offspring, hoping to give their children things they did not have themselves.

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And to me, the ultimate sacrifice was paid by Jesus Christ. Now you may not be of the same faith and I understand that and honor your beliefs. However, I know of no other name in history that offered up their life in order to pay for the sins we humans commit.

How to celebrate – Honor those who serve you, risking their lives daily. List all the heroes that you owe something to. Pay it forward by doing something nice for those who protect you every day.

May 15th Peace Officers Memorial Day

Imagine getting up every morning knowing that today might be your last day on the earth. Imagine always having to place someone else ahead of your own safety and security.  Imagine saving someone’s family not knowing yours is okay. Imagine that anyone you run into might have a bullet with your name on it, and imagine that something so simple as stopping to help someone with a flat tire might be the last act of kindness you ever perform.

Well, that’s what it’s like being a law enforcement officer, and there are over 19,000 names of fallen heroes on a wall in Washington, D.C. that prove it. That is why Congress asked the President to set aside this day in 1961 to recognize these fallen brave individuals. John F. Kennedy did just that putting the bill into law in 1962. The bill was amended in 1992 by President Bill Clinton adding that the flag be lowered to half-staff on this memorial day, a part of police week.


Whether they are Police Officers, Troopers, Sheriffs, Constables, Rangers, FBI, or Secret Service they all have a job to do. It is a job many are not capable of doing, don’t want to do, or are afraid of doing. We need to hold these men and women in the highest regard and honor those that have fallen in the line of duty. Peace Officers are always there doing their best and willing to serve and protect us.

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How to celebrate: Thank a police officer for the work they do. Visit the Memorial in Washington. Make a card for a Law Enforcement Officer you may know and their family.

May 11th Third Shift Workers Day

It always seems that when something goes wrong it’s at night and it falls to the third shift to deal with it. Think of those people working late that re-stock the shelves of the grocery store while we sleep. How about the road construction people who work in the dark so we have roads to drive on in the day. (Which may explain a few of those wavy lanes), or the fireman that comes to the rescue when we need saving.

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How about the night clerks that stay up all night at hotels to make sure we are able to get what we need when we want it, the Baker that makes the doughnuts (and so much more) so that we can have  sweet and tasty treat for our breakfast, or the Police Officer who protects us while we sleep.


There are pilots that fly through the dark skies getting us where we are going, taxi drivers that get us home safely when we may be a “Little under the weather”, and of course the soldier who serves on the line to guard us against those who would like to cause us harm.

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In fact, we owe a great deal to those who work the third shift, considered midnight until eight in the morning. Nurses that tend to our health, emergency repairmen that come out to fix our electric lines, and of course, the technicians that answer the phones to help us with our computers when nearly all hope is gone.

There are thousands out there that work the Third Shift for us.  Their jobs are basically the same as those who work in the day but they always seem to get the worst problems, most upset people, and dangerous situations, all while trying to stay awake.

How to celebrate:  The easiest way to celebrate is to simply go to sleep knowing that there are those out there that are watching over you.  Thank someone who works the night shift, no matter what it is they do.  Drop off a pot of coffee or breakfast to those you know who work the third shift.