July 8th Video Games Day

Some call today National Video Games Day, some call September 12th National Video Games Day. There are enough video games out there that more than one day to celebrate is probably good. I remember when video games first came out, they were simple and not very exciting, except that it was something new. Over the years, games have gotten more and more complex and even addicting. I must admit, I am a video game freak. I love the challenge until it gets way too hard and then frustration sets in. I absolutely love Red Dead by Rock Star games. It is amazing. Whether you like video games or not you have to admire the work done by some very smart people.

How to celebrate – Try a video game out. Look through all the choices, there has to be something there to interest you. Don’t get hooked, it’s easy to do.

July 4th National Play Outside Day

July 4th National Play Outside Day

Okay, so it’s July and if it isn’t raining it’s time to go outside and play. Actually, the first Saturday of every month is Play Outside Day. It’s a really good idea, get some of that sunshine, fresh air and a wide open place to run and jump and all sorts of good stuff (which might be a little odd if you are my age). Maybe you can do a combination of play outside while you celebrate Independence Day! That’s a definite if you are setting off fireworks. And when you are done with the day just think, you only have another month to wait for the next one!

How to celebrate – Get outside and play! Plan a cook-out! Get a neighborhood parade to celebrate both Independence Day and Play Outside Day!

March 22nd National Goof Off Day

Today was created by Monica “Moeller” Dufour with the help of her Grandfather William D. Chase. Monica lives in Davidson, MI. The general idea of today is that it becomes the one day of the year you are allowed to goof off. You know, don’t even bother to go into work… go fishing or play golf, go shopping or get your hair done, sleep in or go swimming (If it’s warm enough) You might want to check with your boss and make sure this is okay. There are some jobs where you really don’t want them to goof off, like a doctor, a pilot or the guy that makes your donuts in the morning. We all need goof off days so that we can pay better attention the rest of the year. William created his own calendar for the year, it did create a goof off day, so if you ever wanted to know what he was up to, you could just go to his calendar and find out!

How to celebrate – Goof off today (If you are able). Create your own calendar so you know what to expect. Go back to bed and forget today ever happened.

August 17th National I Love My Feet Day

How often do you think about your feet? Are you even able to see them anymore? If not, they probably hurt, a lot.


Even if you can see them, they probably still hurt. In fact, 75% of adults have some sort of foot problem. Your toes, your heels, your arches and your ankles… though I guess your ankles aren’t officially a part of your foot. Most of all, our feet get tired, they burn, and get stressed out.


We have invented epsom salt, foot massagers, and can soak them in hot, or cold, water… but the relief is generally short lived and considering all they do for us they deserve better. They let us stand on them for hours, take walks, swim, run, play sports, jog, skip, dance and even walk a tightrope or stroll across hot coals (why you would want to do either is beyond me). In many ways they are your best friend.

images (3)

And we treat them badly. We shove them into shoes that are too small, or too big, we walk in high heels, or go barefoot across fields of stickers. We drop things on them and stub them. We jump up and down on them, burn them in the sun, and soak them in water during rain storms. They swell, smell, and look like hell, but they keep going, even when we don’t think they will.


So give your feet a break and treat them nicely.

How to celebrate – Buy yourself a proper fitting pair of shoes. Wear socks! Get a pedicure.