January 9th National Play God Day

Well lets start out this one with the fact that no one claims having created this day… I wonder why? In theory, you are supposed to do today what you can to help people, to make their lives better and to bring them happiness. So, how’s that working out for you?


We all know from the movies what happens when we try to play God. We aren’t very good at it. Maybe because most of the time we are thinking about ourselves and how we can benefit from something. I don’t think that is how God works though.

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The idea is to help others accomplish goals that they might not be able to do by themselves, or for themselves. To reach out to them and pick them up when they fall, and we all fall. I hear a lot of celebrities that think they were able to get where they are without God’s help. That puts them on a fool’s errand. If you do not believe in God, then don’t act like you are a God.


Somehow over time many of us look at the world and forget who created it. Yes, we created the mess but we did not create the trees or the birds or the oceans. We are so busy looking at the surface that we can no longer see what the surface rests on.


So if you think you can do better than God or that there is no God, then take the day and show all the wonders you can create.

How to celebrate – Do something good for someone else today. Look around for the things that you can not explain away by science or math… those are the things God created. Imagine how you could make the world a better place (and then do it if you can).