February 9th National Pizza Day

I don’t know hardly anybody who doesn’t like pizza. It seems to be that one food that nearly everyone can find a flavor or style that they can enjoy. Deep-dish, thin crust, Sicilian, Neapolitan, Greek, Hawaiian… you name it, someone makes it. You can cover it in all sorts of different meats, vegetables and even fruit! What’s not to love!?! You can have it for supper, lunch or even breakfast! It is believed that the first pizza ever sold was in Naples, Italy back in 1738. The first made may have come from the Greeks in Alexander’s army moving across the Middle East. Who knows, but we do know that over 3 billion are sold every year in the US.

How to celebrate – Have some pizza! Try a style of pizza you haven’t had before. Make a list of as many toppings as you can remember.

November 12th Young Reader’s Day

Just like with vegetables, as we get older we tend to appreciate things a little more. Books fall into that category as well. As a child we have so many things to do, most of which are useless, that we don’t get around to the things that are important. Reading is very important, it can take us places we might not ever get a chance to go, learn things that everyday life does not teach us and be entertained at the same time. The idea is to get kids to read so that by the time they grow up, they have a better foundation to make a better life for themselves. The day was created by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. A book is a treasure, just like those treasure buried by pirates, and often worth much more!

How to celebrate – Read a book with your child. Take your child to a library. Read a book yourself.

November 13th National Young Readers Day

In 1989 Pizza Hut and the Center of the Book in the Library of Congress created today in an attempt to get children to read more. Why? Well, because children’s worlds are as limited, or as unlimited, as we help make them.


We may not be able to give them the opportunity to be the Queen of England or a cowboy in the wild west, a great detective like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, or to live like a patriot in Willamsburg or an artist in Paris… but we can let them experience those things by reading about them.


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If we aren’t careful, they might actually learn something! Books take use to worlds we might not otherwise ever experience. If they do that for us adults imagine what it can do for a kid that still has an open mind and dreams to fulfill.


And it allows us adults to put in those shameless plugs to sell books we have written! (Available on Amazon) The fact is, writing a book for children might be the only way they will hear us.


Or not…

How to celebrate – Find a book your kid would enjoy reading and give it to them. Encourage your child to write themselves. Read a book with your child.