November 5th National Love Your Red Hair Day

Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, the authors of “How To Be A Redhead”, thought that redheads needed a day of their own to recognize their special attributes. Love Your Red Hair Day began in August of 2015. How it ended up in November is beyond me, I just sort of accept things like that. If you really want to know you can contact them at The fact is, red heads have always been special, I am not sure that they need a day to recognize this fact but they now have one.

We all know that Lucille Ball was a redhead. Who could ever forget? However, since her early television shows were in black and white that might have been difficult to determine. In fact, many famous people in history have been redheads. Some were real, some were not!


Peter Pan, the boy (always played by a girl) was a redhead. Though interestingly most of the girls that played him were not natural redheads. Some say that his red hair led to his adventuresome nature. He was never asked about this since HE WASN’T REAL!


However, Florence Nightingale was real enough and she was a redhead. Her life was nothing but an adventure (but she couldn’t fly). We all have our faults. Was it her red hair that made her save so many people? We may never know.


And believe it or not, before he powdered his hair white to please Congress, George Washington was a redhead. Our first President, General of all the Continental Armies and a wise sage was all the rage with his red hair.


And finally, at least for this blog, Genghis Khan was a redhead.

In fact there have been millions of people over the years that have made their way through life being redheaded. They have generally been considered a little hot headed, sexy, and risk takers. In other words, the kind of people you want to hang out with!

How to celebrate – If you are a redhead, enjoy your red hair, this is your day! Write to the Vendetti’s and offer your support! Be proud of who you are whether you have red hair, blonde hair, black hair, brown hair or no hair…it’s who you are.