April 13th National Peach Cobbler Day

I just planted a Peach tree in my backyard. I figure in another 3 or 4 years I might be able to fix my own fresh peach cobbler. (That is if the tree lives because I have the knack for killing anything I plant.) Here’s a recipe I plan to use, peach cobbler.


National Peach Cobbler Day was started by the Georgia Peach Council to promote canned peaches started somewhere in the 1950’s. They placed it in April when peaches are not normally available. Smart, to make peach cobbler you really need to use peaches that have been canned, or jarred, for a while and made into something softer.


The cobbler was invented, for the most part, when European settlers came across America they were use to a pudding served in Europe that they did not have time to make here, or the ingredients to make it with. So expedite the situation, they made a peach stew and dropped biscuits in the stew creating peach cobbler.


Frankly peaches are not my favorite fruit, it’s good, but I will pass on it if something else is available but put it in a cobbler with a dapple of ice cream and a little whipped cream and you got me! It’s good cold too but so much better hot.


You can even make it is a cake, or pie, form. So you can make a blueberry, blackberry, cherry cobbler and each of them is great! But remember this is National Peach Cobbler Day so at least for today, make it peach!

How to celebrate – Have some peach cobbler today. Invent your own peach cobbler concoction. Plant a peach tree in your backyard and pray it grows.