November 13th World Kindness Day

It takes so little to be kind to someone, some animal. Most of us could use someone being kind to us and the only way we can achieve that is to pay it forward by being kind to others.


There are many ways to be kind to someone. A hug, a warm handshake or sometimes just listen to them when they need to get something off their chest. It costs us so little. Even a sincere smile can warm someone’s day.


World Kindness Day came out of conferences in Japan in 1996-97. It was called the World Kindness Movement. The day was a “Declaration of Kindness” on November 13th, 1997 by the World Kindness Movement.


Acts of kindness can be small or large but generally have the same effect in either case. In a world where so many expect things, it’s nice to actually give to someone who doesn’t expect anything. Those who generally feel entitled never appreciate what they receive. Those that do not expect what they receive are generally effected in a more positive way.

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So be a little kinder to those around you and I will bet they will be kinder to you as well. After all, what goes around, comes around.

How to celebrate – Go out of your way to be kind to someone today. Don’t always look at people trying to take something from you, beat them to it and give them something. Remember, animals need kindness too.

November 12th National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

It seems that chicken soup is the cure-all of everything that ails you. Well not really, but it does make you feel better probably because it is served hot and by someone who cares about you.


But Chicken Soup for the Soul has become a national brand with books and materials designed to make you feel everything has a bright ending and that happier days are ahead. In practice, it’s a great idea. We can all use some good advice and a punch in the arm to let us know we aren’t really all hat different from others.


It seems that nearly every subject you can imagine appears to be covered by Chicken Soup for the Soul. It is all positive in nature and reassures us that there is good in everything if we just look for it.


It builds up every aspect of life and demonstrates how even when we think we are alone, we are not. Somewhere, someone one has felt the same as we do and that too is alright. It is operated by, and the day created by, Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, Inc. The same company also publishes Changing Your World One Story at a Time.

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The books and other materials may be a lot like chicken soup. It works if you believe it works, there is no proof that either does anything for us. But in a world filled with dis-belief it is nice to know there are still positive forces in play. So while it might not scientifically work, it certain works for those who believe in anything beyond pure fact.

How to celebrate – Read a Chicken Soup for the Soul book that applies to you. Check out all the materials available at Chicken Soup for the Soul site. Give Chicken Soup for the Soul to anyone you might feel can benefit from it.

August 27th National Just Because Day

August 27th is Just Because Day. It was created by Joseph J. Goodwin from Los Gatos, CA in the late 1950’s, just because he could. It’s a great day for doing those things you never seem to get around to, or always wanted to do, but have never done. This year, since it’s a Saturday, you have a good chance of actually getting it done! Nothing is excluded, so long as it’s not illegal.


You could make your own mini-movie! It doesn’t have to be good, after all you, and your family and friends, are probably the only ones that will ever see it. The funnier the better! You can even launch it to YouTube for others to share. You don’t have to have fancy equipment or even a plot, after all most of the movies don’t have much thought to them anymore anyway!


You could pay it forward. Buy someone you don’t know breakfast or lunch, leave someone a card just because, or even help a neighbor with a project they have been meaning to get done. You certainly will surprise anyone by going out of your way to do something for them without expecting anything in return.

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You could go into a recording studio and record a song, your own, or one already made into a hit. So long as you don’t try to release it, it doesn’t matter. Who knows, maybe you will create the next big hit, or a new style of music no one has ever thought of before (good luck with that). Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, it’s just something you don’t normally do, which is the whole point of Just Because Day!

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Or instead of talking today, why not sing everything!?! You certainly will surprise everyone.

It’s all up to you because this is Just Because Day! Be inventive, creative and most of all, have fun doing it! You might not only make your day, but that of everyone you come in contact with.

How to celebrate – Well, I’ve already given you a few things to ponder but here are three more. Go bungee jumping. Splurge on a loved one. Pay a total stranger a compliment.