March 9th National Panic Day

Normally it is not good to panic, a calm, rational approach always gets better results. However, the occasional panic, freak out has it’s purpose. Today, since the professionals are ready for it, go ahead and panic, but only from 5 to 6 pm. Panicking beyond or prior to those hours are not allowed.


This sort of day takes a lot of planning. You need to figure out what you are going to panic about and that you do your panicking in a safe, secure environment. It might also help to tell someone you are planning to panicking so that they can be there to support you. We do not suggest panicking with someone else, if you must then separate your panics perhaps taking from 5 – 5:30 for yourself and giving your partner from 5:30 to 6.


Naturally, if you are going to panic you must make sure it looks like you are panicking. Minimal efforts only mock the day and the hour. Make sure you have a paper bag available should you get carried away. It is acceptable to panic with a group, so long as the panic does not last over 2 minutes. It’s like yawning, one panic can lead to many others and extended periods of time increase the opportunity to cause so serious damage.

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If you do not have anyone around that wishes to share this day with, you may want to think about just getting a panic button. A timed panic button is best so that it  tells you when to stop. make sure it is working or you may panic about your panic button.


How ever you choose to celebrate this day, make sure no one, including yourself, takes it for real.  It’s a great day to let your frustration out but you must make sure no one actually becomes panicked because you are pretending to be panicked about being panicked.

How to celebrate – Plan a panic party! Make a list of all the things you have to panic about. Make sure you set an alarm to end your panic hour.