February 6th National Chopsticks Day

Chopsticks are called “Kuaizi” in Chinese which means, “Quick little bamboo fellows”. Makes sense. The fork of the East. Now I have never mastered the use of the chopstick, my bad, I should have because it’s very popular today. And apparently, it’s the only way to eat sushi. Maybe that’s why I don’t eat much sushi.

Now there are do’s and do not’s associated with the use of chopsticks. You don’t point at someone with them, you don’t use them like drumsticks and for some reason it’s not allowed to be stuck into food upright. it is okay to stab things with it like meat or really big vegetables.

Well, maybe this year I’ll learn to use them. The most common are bamboo but they are made out of plastic, ivory (illegal if they are new) and other materials.

How to celebrate – Learn how to use chopsticks. Whittle your own chopsticks. Visit China.