January 25th National Opposite Day

I always look forward to this day. It is always so fun to try and figure out what people mean on Opposite Day. There are several Opposite Days during the year – Oh joy! This is the first for 2018.


It does make you think, no really, I don’t mean the opposite, or else I would have said it’s a day you don’t have to think about anything. At one time I did work in a school and it drove me sane (in this case meaning the opposite :)) You can clearly see how this goes, it never ends.

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So if you say ‘ I Love You’ then you mean ‘I hate you’, if you say ‘Hello’ then you are actually saying ‘good-bye’ and if you say ‘Yes’ you are actually saying ‘No’….And so it goes….That’s why I love this day so much.


Some say it started in “Alice In Wonderland”. It is mentioned in the novel, dating back to the 1800’s. Others claim it started in the 1920’s, with President Grover Cleveland, because he never said what he meant. It seems to have become official in 2000. But does that mean it really didn’t become offical in 2000? Oh who cares!


How to celebrate – Do whatever you want but make sure you don’t hurt anybody today by saying something you don’t really mean. Remember there are times when confusing people can be fun but normally, it’s not. Wear your underwear over your clothing (just make sure you washed it first.)


January 25th Opposite Day

Today is the one day of the year you can say what you mean and not mean it at all! It can also be a very dangerous day if the person you are interacting with is not aware it is opposite day. If you say that you don’t love someone, if the person is aware it’s opposite day they know you love them, but if they don’t… watch out!


Some say that opposite day was created during Calvin Coolidge’s administration in the 1920’s. Some people in the Country felt they were getting rich, but we all know they were about to lose all in the 1930’s. Some felt Coolidge was a good president, or did they?


Other say that opposite day came from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice In Wonderland”. Obviously things in the underworld were different, but were they really opposite? Of course, Lewis Carroll wasn’t really Lewis Carroll, he was really Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. The other male members of his family were nearly all military officers in the British army but he became a children’s book writer. However, if you actually read the book, was it written for children at all!?!


How it came sbout doesn’t really matter… Or does it? Because it is one more day for ys to cellebrate silliness!

How to celebrate – Don’t celebrate opposite day! Don’t enjoy the day! and by all means DON’T have any fun today (Ha, ha…you see what I did there).