August 21st Senior Citizen’s Day

This is a category that most of us never really want to see but not reaching it is even worse. The idea of being a Senior Citizen can be frightening. The idea of being old rarely sits well with anyone but the opposite isn’t a good option either. It seems like being a Senior Citizen means your better days are past and there isn’t much to look forward to. Ronald Reagan didn’t feel that way though. that’s why he became President after becoming a Senior and Proclaimed today to be a day to celebrate those Seniors among us. It’s Proclamation 5847, made on August 19th, 1988. You are as old as you think you are, so think young.

How to celebrate – Honor those Seniors in your life. Never give up on your dreams. Stay young at heart.

March 2nd Old Stuff Day

So today isn’t really about being old in people years, it’s not even about being old like furniture, cars or knick-knacks… it’s about doing the same old thing over and over again. It’s about breaking that routine you go through everyday, day after day. Now certain things you can’t really change, like getting out bed before you brush your teeth, but some things you can change like the route you take to work or the lunch you normally eat. Break the habit, do something new.

How to celebrate – Plan to change some of your daily routine. Go someplace you wouldn’t normally go. Read a book from the end to the beginning.

February 27th National Retro Day

February National Retro Day

Remember the good ol’ days? Most of us think of the good old days as days when we were young and life was easier and more fun. As we age things generally become more complicated and difficult to deal with. Moments of pure joy are harder to find and a number of our dreams are lost to the vacuum of time. Well today is the day we revisit those dreams, moments of joy and our youth. Going back to when things were easier and every day was a present from God to open up and enjoy. Just as it should be today.

How to celebrate – Break out the photo album and take yourself back to when you were happiest. Allow others to celebrate their favorite era without judgement. Make the good ol’ days a part of your everyday.

Oct. 15th National Grouch Day

Oct 15th National Grouch Day

We all know them, some of us may even be one of them… the grouch of the day! Normally this is unacceptable but for today, and today only, it’s okay to be a grouch. The day has been celebrated since 1976 and supposedly came from Sesame Street’s “Grouch”. Could be, but I think there have been grouches for a lot longer time than that. I think a lot of the “Grumpy Old Men” are older than that. A grouch can be funny if you watch them and think about what they are grumpy about. In most cases, it’s nothing at all that makes them that way, it’s just who they are. Well, enjoy your grouch, love them and listen to them complain… after all, they won’t be around forever.

How to celebrate – Record a grouch so they can see how silly they sound. If you wake up grouchy, go back to bed. List all the grouches you know.

October 11th National Fossil Day

They are all around us, or rather below us. The term “Older than dirt” actually becomes dirt one day. We uncover them nearly daily now and wonder at what life must have been like for them, or perhaps what our lives might be like if they were still around. And, of course, many consider those of us that are older as fossils ourselves. The day was created by the US National Park Service in 2010 in order that we may think about what lived before us and to take care as fossils are uncovered. The only real problem with today is that the date varies, and for us already that are considered “fossils”, that makes it hard to find, and remember. Maybe we should celebrate fossils every time we think of them. Guess that’s sort of the point anyway.

How to celebrate – Go looking for fossils. Visit a National Park. Make sure that rock you just stepped on is really a rock!

August 21st National Senior Citizen’s Day

We are all going to get there someday, hopefully. We will be seniors at one time or another. Today, unlike in years past, that seems to be a bad thing. It’s like life experiences do not matter and the knowledge gained over those years means little. Well, it simply isn’t true, we should honor our seniors for what they do know, and what they have experience in, particularly because, we already know, that history often repeats itself. Today was created by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, a senior himself, as proclamation #5847. Let seniors still find a vital role in your life, and the life of the country, they have earned that right even if it’s just because they have lived as long as they have lived.

How to celebrate – Take a Senior to lunch. Listen closely to the stories seniors tell. Help create a timeline for a seniors life with highlights and goals attained.

April 25th National East Meets West Day

There has always been a difference in culture between the East and the West. Look at Japan and Canada, Russia and America, Indian and Mexico. It doesn’t mean one is better than the other or that one is right and one is wrong, it just means… well… there is the east and there is the west!


If you go far enough east you will eventually end up in the west and vise-versa. There are football games and other sporting events that tries to prove which is better but in the end, it really doesn’t matter. Take a football game many of the players that play for a western team came from the east, and many playing in the east came from the west.


During World War 2 a big drive was for the Americans to meet up with the Russian to end the war. the Russians were considered the Eastern troops, the Americans the Western. In fact when the two sides decided they could not get along they separated Germany into East Germany and West Germany.


Even in America the life styles were different. The above photo is of an 1800’s street in Philadelphia. Well established by the mid 1800’s, Philadelphia became a point of culture and refinement. It had been around longer, gone through more was a permanent fixture.

Old West Town.jpg-13385

An old west town of the same era was a little cruder and contained a not so refined culture and citizens. The buildings were smaller and less secure because frankly, the owners didn’t know if they were going to stay there or not. One was not better than the other, they just served different needs and purposes.

How to celebrate – Try and determine where east meets west where you live. If you live in the East take a trip West. If you live in the West take a trip East. (Note what difference you see, and don;t see, on your trip)

May 7th Join Hands Day

There could be many meanings for a day like today but the fundamental idea behind it may catch you a little off guard.  It’s the older people of the world reaching out for the younger people of the world to share a moment, show each other that they matter and try to come to an understanding of why both feel the way they do.

I recently have been going through these kinds of conversations with an 18 year old, with myself being quite a bit older (No I’m not saying how old). There have been some key issues we agree on, but equally as many, if not more, we disagree on.

I see him as a young man with his life in front of him, believing in some things I once believed in but do not anymore.  I think it is true, not for everyone but for many, that the older you get the more conservative you become.  You sure do hear yourself saying, “back in my day” a lot.   Of course, the young man insists,  “if the older generations would just see the value of the younger generations thoughts…”  It’s basically a wash on the surface but  it has left me thinking some.


And then it dawned on me, while it seems like we are miles apart on our attitudes on things, we really aren’t.  He is looking at the glass full, as he should.  His whole life is in front of him and he deserves the right to see the world as someone coming into it.  I look at the same glass and see it half empty, because my world is coming to a close and my experiences lead to have less faith in people.  But when we join our thoughts together he tends to look at the world a little more conservative, seeing the red flags a little clearer and learning to avoid the pitfalls before you have already dug yourself a hole you can’t get out of.  And for me, I walk away looking a things a little more positive.  Just because my generation could not make certain fundamentals work does not mean his generation cannot.


And isn’t that what life is all about?  You may think you have all the answers… but no  one really does.  The answer lies somewhere in the middle, where the older can still learn from the young, and the young will want to learn from the old.

How to celebrate:  First, just celebrate by being alive and living in a country where you are still free to act upon what you think.  Spend a day with someone your opposite age.  Don’t argue with them, but share thoughts about why you believe the way you do, you’ll both be better off for it.  Read a book and see how history really does repeat itself and take strides to use that information to better your own world.  We all are just people with the same basic needs and wants.  Life, liberty and the pursuit  of happiness.