September 11th No News Is Good News Day

How many times do you actually hear good news? The newspapers, television, and internet fill us with all the bad news. And frankly, there is probably more bad news than good news anymore. It seems like when we try so hard to make the world a better place we end up just making it worse! Maybe we should just let it be the way it is, and the news will get better. Or, at least for today, you can turn off all the bad news from reaching you and just have a good day on your own! After all, life is what you make it and sometimes not knowing everything that’s going on can be good for you!

How to celebrate – Do not read your newspaper. Do not watch the television news. Spend the day in nature.

September 11th No News Is Good News Day

Okay, so most of us know what today really is but let’s not go there. It’s not a day to forget but we have to move on, keeping an eye open to anything going on around us. So that brings us to “No News Is Good News Day”, and ain’t it true!


I have lived long enough to remember back when the news reported was just that, news. Today it is more opinion than just the news. What ever happened to letting us make up our own minds rather than being told what we should think about something? If you don;t have a mind, then it’s good to be told what something means, if you do… it’s better to figure it out for yourself.


I no longer listen to the news at night, read a newspaper or even follow any of the numerous internet sites that tell me what it is I should be thinking and that if I disagree, I am wrong. (I get told that enough through-out my day!) Because some one reports the news, is a star in a movie, sports or music, or thinks they are more important than they are that they are right about anything.


This includes me! And thank goodness for today, when you can turn off the news, not listen to or just ignore the ignorant. It doesn’t matter what side you are on, what race you belong to or what you do for a living… just ignore the news today.  And if you can’t, just remember that the news, whether the television, newspaper or internet has become an entertainment medium, not what it was originally intended to be.

How to celebrate – Turn off the news today. Trust yourself. Realize that just because someone is popular, it does not make them smart.

May 3rd World Press Freedom Day

Freedom of the press has been long fought for and in most countries, fairly won. For centuries the only news that got out to the people was whatever the controlling government of that country wanted the people to hear. It rarely was true, when it was it was one sided and often omitted many of the facts.

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After World War 2 many countries allowed their press to begin to right a lot of those wrongs. Newspapers, radio and television could report what was going on and why it was happening. Naturally there are always two sides to a story, but for the most part, the reporters tried to tell the truth. On May 3rd, 1993 the UN General Assembly created today to honor the freedom of the press.


The UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom prize honors those reporters who struggled to report the truth, often giving their lives in their efforts. That is why a lot of the press today should be ashamed of the way they report. The term reporter means to reveal a story, the facts, not as they assume them to be but only after they have investigated their sources and exposed the truth. It is not to speculate or give an opinion, it is all about the facts.


It seems with the invention of the 24 hour news television networks the idea of reporting news became more competitive and often these same reporters had to create stories rather than report on them. Like so much of what is going on today in the world, it is about what someone thinks than what someone knows.


It would be nice to know that we could trust what we hear. Most local radio and television stations do report the truth, it’s the national ones you have to be careful of. Their motto seems to have changed from reporting the news to making the news.

How to celebrate – Honor the true reporters of the world. Start a career in journalism. Compare the old newspapers to the new ones.

Feb 1st No Politics Day

After an election most of us are done with the political atmosphere, most of us, not all. Some, like the media, have nothing else to do or report, so they go on and on and on and on… I am not sure who they think they are helping.


Yes, we all had our choice for president, maybe even the Senate and the House, of course local government… but when all is said and done we’d all be so much better off if they just left whoever was elected to get on with it and stayed quiet. I am not sure why someone who spends their life playing someone else has the right to express their opinion on who they think is right and who they think is wrong. They never help anyone, it only causes problems. The news I expect to talk endlessly about something and since politics is normally front and center it makes the best target. If we all just stopped listening though, maybe they would go away.


It’s sort of like picking at a scab. It doesn’t help, only makes it worse and nobody really wants to see you doing that. So just shut-up! Whether we ended up with who we wanted or not, life goes on. Whether we approve of the job they are doing or not, they will go on. So what’s the point in talking about it? We aren’t going to change each others minds and even if we could, what’s the point… we can’t go back and change anything.


So get over it, stop discussing things you can’t do anything about and do something useful like, talking about your neighbors!

How to celebrate – Turn off any television show you see today that talks about politics. Walk away from anyone you hear talking about politics. If you get involved in any conversation about politics just agree with everything someone says, that will end the conversation quickly.

April 18th Newspaper Columnist Day

On April 18th, 1977, the National Society of Newspaper Columnist created “Newspaper Columnist Day” in honor of Ernie Pyle, a front line journalist who lost his life on Okinawa during World War 2.  He was literally on the front lines, looking up over a ridge when he was shot and killed.


While the holiday is unofficial, it is recognized by those in the industry as a day to honor themselves for all they do, they would like your admiration as well.  Their credo is to Inform People, Create Public Opinion, Keep those in power accountable to the people and to Bring light to stories that might not otherwise be told.

For as long as their have been newspapers, their have been columnist.  Frank Leslie put reporters in the field during the civil war to report on what they saw.  The oldest newspaper  in the world is the Ordinary Post Tijdender in Sweden which has been in operation since 1645. I wonder how many columnist they have gone through!?!

Believe them or not, they are the ones (hopefully) on the frontlines finding out for those of us sitting at home, what is going on in the world.  They are due that respect, so long as they keep their personal opinions out of the subject, they deserve.  Their job is to report the news and let us decide, not tell us how we are supposed to think.

Here’s a list of those they admire the most themselves.  You can decide whether they should be on the list or not (Cause I’m not gonna tell you!).  Walter Winchell, Mike Royko, Art Buchwald, Irv Kupcinet, William Safire, Art Rooney, Carl Bernstein, Ed Bradley, David Brinkley, Tom Brokaw, William F. Buckley Jr., Walter Cronkite, Ernest Hemingway, Peter Jennings, Ted Koppel, Charles Kuralt, Bill Moyer, Edward R. Murrow, Dan Rather, John Steinbeck, Gloria Steinem, Dorothy Thompson, Barbara Walters and Bob Woodward.

How to celebrate:  Read a newspaper (If you can actually find one in print anymore), listen to those reporters you usual listen to and try to decide if they are reporting the news or telling you what to think, try sending the reporter what you think, see if they report that!