December 18th Answer the Phone like Buddy the Elf Day

December 18th is Answer The Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day
Who hasn’t seen Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) in “Elf”? Good, or bad, the character has launched itself into our society and in some way, gives us something to strive for. The movie came out in 2003 and is becoming a classic as we head into Christmas 2017.
To accomplish this feat, you need to answer the phone in a particular way. “(Insert your name) the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”
How to celebrate – Answer the phone as above (I do not advise this at work). Be an Elf this Christmas instead of a Scrooge. Tell everyone your home is the North Pole

September 26th National Johnny Appleseed Day

No one loved apples more than John Chapman. He loved them so much that he spread them all across America in hopes that he could share them with everyone, well, so the legend goes… and it may be true, or it may not be.


Legend says that Johnny Appleseed went into communities trying to teach the value of the apple and planting groves in areas to get them started. He was also noted for giving donations to that community to help with causes dear to his heart. Born on September 26th, 1774 a great deal of this may be true.

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On the flip side, some were not as impressed. It seems he would show up and plant his seeds and then move on, leaving the hard work of tending to the trees to those who really didn’t need the extra work. Apparently he also would come back a few years later and try to claim the land he had planted the trees on. It’s hard to know which of the stories is actually true.


He was a humble man, very religious and did travel at least through New York and Pennsylvania. From there on, anything could be true, or not. It is believed he died of the “Winter Plague” on March 11th, 1845 but no one is sure. He did exist, and many places that now grow apples would never have seen them if not for him, no matter what the motives might have been.

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How to celebrate – Have an apple today in honor of Johnny Appleseed. Discover new and different ways to use the apple. Plant your own apple tree.

July 8th Body Painting Day

Well today is certainly an interesting day, particularly if you like to walk around naked in public. Of course, one isn’t really naked when they are painted, or so the law says. But just think about it, you’ve covered your body in paint so it’s more or less like wearing a very thin body suit!


Today was founded by Andy Golub and started in New York City in 2007. Golub was promptly arrested but then the charges were dropped since it was considered art. All of his models originally wore undergarments but they have since been parted with, making it a little tasteless. Unless of course you are into that sort of thing.


It’s really not anything new however. Ancient tribes use to paint themselves and the Scottish warriors were famed for their blue paint. Most painted people, at least to me, are a bit scary to look at. I can appreciate the artwork, but maybe not the canvas.


I mean, if one is physically fit and not flabby like me, then maybe they are okay but so many are not in shape. It’s sort of like having a twisted canvas and painting something beautiful on it. It’s still just a twisted canvas with a little paint thrown on it!


It does make wonderful camouflage though and that is probably good for people like me who would rather not see all that ‘art’ so exposed! But that is me. What started in New York City has begun to spread. Amsterdam added Body Painting Day in 2015, San Francisco in 2016, and Berlin in 2017.

How to celebrate – If you are into it, go ahead and paint yourself, or a friend, today (make sure you use a water based paint). Get a Body Painting Day established in your town. Go buy a painting and hang it on the wall, enjoy it for years to come.

April 27th National Babe Ruth Day

It seems only appropriate now that baseball season is back in full swing that we should celebrate one of the men who made the game what it is – Babe Ruth.  Baseball has been popular since the Civil War when soldiers use to play their version of the game when in camp (this included hitting the runner with the ball, often knocking them out), but its popularity hit its zenith during Ruth’s days at “The House That Ruth Built” – Yankee Stadium.


This date is remembered as the next to last time Ruth visited the stadium was on April 27th, 1947. He would die of throat cancer soon after and a legend would pass from the game leaving behind fans that still speak of him today.


For years he would hold the home run record at 60, which is odd for a man that started his career as a pitcher. Since then, many have passed his record, namely Roger Maris (also a Yankee), with 61. No one will ever forget his famous gesture of pointing to where he would hit a home run for a young boy who he had visited in the hospital.  He proceeded to hit it exactly where he aimed. There seems to be some controversy as to whether this actually happened or not but what harm is there in believing it?


“The Bambino” helped make baseball what it is today and should always be remembered.  He wasn’t perfect but he was a hero to so many.


How to celebrate – Visit Yankee Stadium and enjoy a baseball game today. Cheer on your favorite baseball team today.  Go to a little league game and cheer the children, even if you don’t know any of them.

The day after Easter – Dyngus Day (Smigus Dyngus)

What is a Dyngus you may ask? Well, I would answer, probably one of the most bizarre holidays celebrated in the world.

Here at Unboxing the Bizarre, this of course, is our kind of holiday!

Guys, have you ever agonized over your pick-up line – well apparently the Polish men did too, so they decided rather than say something stupid, they would just pour a bucket of water on the woman that they admired. Ya, right – I think I would rather have a corny pick-up line than be soaking wet and cold – but hey, that’s just me.

Smigus Dyngus as it is known in Poland, also called Wet Monday, dates back to at least the 14th Century and possibly as far back as before 1000AD.

Now mind you, I know that this is a custom and tradition – but what the heck??? It sounds a little creepy – boys sneaking into girls bedrooms, dousing them with water, then chasing or kidnapping them – bed and all – to dunk in a river or lake. The pretty girls had this horror bestowed on them multiple times in a day. But wait, it doesn’t stop there – they were then swatted on the bottom with pussy willow branches! (you can’t make this stuff up).

But not to despair too much, the girls get their revenge on Wet Tuesday! Kind of makes me think of the image from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney of the women chasing the men with rolling pins or brooms (I have to admit though, if some guy snuck into my room nowadays while I was sleeping, I wouldn’t wait until the next day to get revenge or to chase him out, and believe me,  I would be wielding more than a broom or rolling pin – just sayin’):

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But I digress – back to Dyngus Day…

If you want to celebrate in a big way – you can attend the Huge Annual Smigus Dyngus celebration in Buffalo, New York (which is now a week long celebration), or in other cities such as Cleveland, Ohio, and South Bend, Indiana.

Or you can stay home and celebrate these non-water soaking ways:

Grab a cold Krupnik with a buddy – Well, normally you could have a Krupnik, but it seems as though there may be a shortage this year so you better hurry to your local pub or liquor store quickly to partake


Cook and eat some authentic Polish Food – Pierogi Time!!!


Learn to Dance the Polka Hop!