November 28th Thanksgiving

Today we celebrate all those things we are thankful for. Family, country, careers, friends… you name it, then be thankful for it. The first Thanksgiving was celebrate in 1621 and went on for three days. Of course, they didn’t have football games to watch back then or it might have lasted longer! It wasn’t until 1941 that Congress set the date for Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. In the past, it has been celebrate in September or October before finally ending up in November. If you think about it, there really is a lot to be thankful for. We eat, drink and watch out favorite movies (Or football) on Thanksgiving Day, all the company of our loved ones and friends which is what it really is all about. The food is nice, the entertainment good but having our friends and family with us is everything.

How to celebrate – Make this Thanksgiving a special day for all. Know what you are thankful for. Dress up like a Pilgrim, or a Native American, or even a turkey.

November 27 National Electric Guitar Day

November 27th National Electric Guitar Day


The guitar has been around for next to forever, but it was normally used in small setting and as a chording instrument to accompany singers. When Jazz started featuring the guitar something was required to make it louder and the electric guitar was invented.


Work on the electric guitar started in the 1910’s but it was not successful until 1931 when George Beauchamp and Paul Barth, of the National Guitar Corporation actually made a working model.

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How to celebrate – Buy an electric guitar. (It is easier to play than an acoustic guitar) Learn how to play guitar. Listen to your favorite guitarist.

October 19th National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day

Well, back to the exciting stuff! Today is National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day – a day I am sure we have all been waiting for!

Actually the Chamber of Commerce does play an important role in our lives. It helps regulate free trade in our communities. Businesses that become members of the chamber are reported on as to their fairness, products, and service. Businesses do not have to become members but are highly encouraged to do so.

The idea is to help the consumer find the best product available to them locally. They also field complaints and let consumers know if there is a problem with one of the local companies. They are usually independent and judge pretty fairly, more often than not, taking their lead by what the community says about the businesses without interference.

The Chamber also creates different events in the community to help advertise the businesses in the community and any special dates that the community should be aware of. They often help the local tourism groups and generally serve any activity going on in their county, city, or community.


The National Chamber of Commerce was established in 1912 as an organization that serves the local Chamber of Commerce groups and makes sure they remain fair and impartial. President William Howard Taft formed the Chamber in December of 1911 before Congress who overwhelmingly approved of the Chambers formation.

No, it’s not very exciting and there are times, in some communities, that it’s even hard to find someone at the Chamber, but when they are there, they do good work. When moving into a community, it’s a great idea to check with the local Chamber of Commerce to see who is who and what is what. It may save you a lot of time getting to know your business neighbors.


How to celebrate – Look up your local Chamber of Commerce, nearly every city, or county, has a chamber. Get your business registered with the local Chamber. See what special events the Chamber in your area has planned for the year.

March 23rd National Chips & Dip Day

Break out those potato chips, tortilla chips, or the chip of your choice and start dipping! This is your day!  No one knows when it began, or why it began other than as an excuse to add a few extra pounds.  We do, however, have a little history on when the potato chip got its start.

The first reference to a thinly sliced chip made of potatoes comes from William Kitchiner’s “The Cook’s Oracle” published in England in 1822, they were called Crisps. At least a little more romantic, the story goes that American Chef George Crum in Saratoga NY, in 1853 got annoyed with one of his customers who kept sending back his potato saying it was under cooked.  Crum cut the potato into very thin slices and fried it until is was burnt to a crisp.  Amused with himself, Crum sent out his joke to his customer who in turn loved the potato adding to Crum’s frustration.  Soon, everybody was asking for Crum’s potatoes and an entire new industry was begun.  His customer may have been Cornelius Vanderbilt which would explain how it caught on so fast.

Now dip has no real history.  It also means many, many different things… chewing tobacco, an unsavory character, or something that enhances the flavor of a chip.  It probably first came from ancient days when breads were dunked in herbs and oils.  Since then, people have been trying all sorts of new items to include in their “dip”.


So somewhere along the line somebody got the bright idea that our chips and dip were not healthy enough for us.  They decided to put things like fruits and vegetables along side the dip to get us all eating better.  Okay, so it’s a good idea and is better for us but this sort of anarchy just leads us to a total meltdown of what National Chips & Dip Day is all about!

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A little less objectionable to connoisseurs of the traditional Chips and Dips  is the dessert chip & dip.  While it does leave us craving salt it satisfies other taste buds in our palate.

So raise that chip, or carrot, or cookie high in the air and with a determined, yet graceful, motion bring it down and scoop up whatever flavor dip you desire to consume, taking care that you are not close to a spittoon where you might find another sort of dip less accommodating.