August 10th Lazy Day

Well, we’ve made it 10 days into August, a very hot month, it’s time to relax. Celebrate Lazy Day with me. It’s something we all inherently know how to do, we don’t have to study for it or practice it. We can be lazy without even trying, in fact, it helps not to try.


If you have to work at being lazy then you aren’t really doing it right! Of course it is a Thursday and most of us are working so you may have to choose the point in the day when you are lazy carefully. I am a little surprised that lazy day isn’t followed up by busy day, you know… to clean up all those messes you didn’t clean up since it was lazy day.

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Summer is over. Summer gives you the reason to be lazy. It’s hot, doing anything takes a great deal of effort. Just pretend it’s still summer and you are hot (which you probably will since the sun is still beating down on your head!). In fact, I really shouldn’t even be doing this blog since it’s lazy day! The thing is, I sorta have to do it the day before so in my world it isn’t lazy day yet.

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So don’t expect much from me tomorrow because that will really be today! Of course, tomorrow I have to do an article about the next day which won’t be lazy day since today, being tomorrow is actually lazy day. It makes sense to me.


The people who created lazy day were too lazy to list themselves so no one really knows who started it. Since it’s lazy day no one should really care either. In fact, when you are done with this stop reading it since it’s lazy day.

How to celebrate – Don’t do anything! In fact, you can’t really celebrate it because that means doing something which is exactly what lazy day stands against. If you tend to drool, carry a towel with you… if that doesn’t require too much effort.