April 9th Name Yourself Day

Don’t like the name you were given, well today is the day to change it! Now you can do this officially, or you can just make up a name for the day but don’t use your middle name because there is another holiday for that. Oh, and if you do change your name, make sure everyone you know realizes that you have changed it because we have all been taught to not talk to strangers. Writers, actors and sports figures often change their names to something people can easily remember, or something catchy. Make sure, however, that someone else has not used that name before and left it with a bad image. That is, unless you like that sort of thing.

How to celebrate – Make up a name you would like to be called. Pick a name that stands out. Wear a name tag so people will know who you are today.

February 13th Get a Different Name Day

Don’t like the name your parents gave you? Well today is the day you can change it to something you think fits you better. It is a bit involved and something you might come to regret later but there are cases where it may be called for. I knew a girl named Mary Cutter once who was proud of her family name and when she got married she did the three name thing… shew married a man named Buttoff. I am not sure she thought this one out because she became Mary Cutter-Buttoff. Then there was another girl who was named Mary, a good Christian name if there ever was one. The families last name was Juana. You figure this one out!

How to celebrate – Give yourself a new name for the day. Ask Wellcat.com why they copyrighted this day. Learn to live with the name you’ve been given.

October 2nd Name Your Car Day

For many of us it seems like we practically live in our cars. Good, bad or indifferent, they become a part of our lives so why not give them a name!?! Now you need to identify the personality of your car and determine whether it is a boy car or a girl car… or a gender neutral. You can name it for it’s color, performance or style… it doesn’t really matter, after all it is your car. However, keeping that in mind, it might be better if you give it a nice name since you want it to be nice to you. People name their boats, actually they kinda have to name their boats by law, they proudly paint the side of their boat with the name and sail it. So why not paint the name of your car so everyone can see it as you drive by!

How to celebrate – Think up a good name for your car. Give names to the cars you pass on the road. Talk nicely to your car and be sure it knows it’s name.

March 27th National “Joe” Day

I guess the most popular name in the entire world is “Joe”. Well, at least in the United States anyway. We named our soldiers Joe, G.I. Joe, because while they are not common by any means, the idea of the soldier is common. So a G.I. Joe stood for anybody who was in uniform. We even call our coffee having a cup of Joe, because it’s common. Why not Bob or Bill? Well, we gave other outside titles to Bob and Bill. For example to bob is to bounce or dodge out of the way. Bill on the other hand is something we pay at the end of a meal. So I assume Joe just wasn’t taken for anything else! Think of all the people you know named Joe. They are becoming less and less common with people inventing names like L’orange and Peacebewithyouandeveryoneyouknow. But there will always be a place for Joe’s in our lives because it actually means all of us.

How to celebrate – Make a list of all the Joe’s you know. List all the things you have heard of named Joe. Have a cup of Joe.

February 13th Get A New Name Day

Ever want a different name than you have been given? Well, today is your chance to do that. Our well intending parents may not have been thinking clearly when the saddle us with the label we are expected to use the rest of our lives. I went to school with a girl named Mary Wanna (Sightly changed to avoid any legal issues). Really, did they realize what they were doing!?!

What is popular when we are young now may have entirely different meanings to our children as they age. Mortimer use to be a great male name but not so much any more. And a name like Uliksa for a girl may be perfectly sound in a different language but in America it can lead to some evil outcome.

So when naming your child use some reason. Don’t try and be funny, give it some thought and don’t try to be too fancy. If people cannot pronounce or read the name you have given your child, it can only lead to a more difficult life later on.

How to celebrate – If you don’t like your name, change it! Thank the people at Wellcat.com for creating the day. Write down a list of names you like.

October 2nd Name Your Car Day

Come on, you know it! Your car is one of your best friends, or worst enemies. Either way, doesn’t it deserve some sort of name? Generally, we want to name our cars something really powerful and strong, sometimes it’s some weak or expensive.


We tend to give names to things we use a lot. We also give them a sex. Well, they don’t have a sex so whoever called a car, boat or motorcycle she it really makes me wonder. But, to make them a male either is just as bad. Do you talk to your car? Do you actually think your car can hear you? Remember the old tv show “My Mother The Car”? Is it possible we come back as a car? I somehow doubt that.


Now if your car sucks up gas like it’s going out of style maybe a name like Bertha is appropriate. Or if it is really big and drives like a boat. However, I do not think the name Bertha is going to inspire your car to be better.

images (1)

Maybe a name like Torchd will inspire it to go really fast. Or maybe it will make it burn through a tank of gas like a fire. Either way, it seems more likely your car will respond more confident if you name it something macho.


Or maybe you can give it a loving name, like Bambi or Love Bug. Just be creative. Naming your car John or Sue, Bob or Mary is not going to make it feel different than every car it meets on the road.

How to celebrate – Name your car today. Figure out the personality your car maintains. Be nice to your car so it will be nice to you.

March 10th Middle Name Pride Day

Your middle name is something you should take pride in. It meant something to your parents to give you that name, normally a family member or some special event that happened in their lives.


Now I know some of the names are a little weird. I lucked out because my first name came from one grandfather and my middle name came from the other and neither were that strange. Actually they were a little common.


And, I am sure as is the case with most of you, when my middle name came into play I knew I was in trouble. There were two names in deep water, not just one! And as would naturally follow, that was twice as much of an issue. When I was in a band performing, I used my middle name as though it was my first, so if somebody didn’t like what I did it wouldn’t seem like it was me they were cutting down.


And I have always been amazed at people who would never give their middle names because they thought they were terrible and it turned out that those names were like Ann or Bobby. What is wrong with those names? It’s not like Killer or Meathead or Sue! (Just kidding about Sue)


What is even worse is when your middle name fits but you don’t want it too! Like Sassy or Naughty or Bigfoot… not that I have ever known anyone with those middle names.

How to celebrate – Proudly enjoy your middle name! Research why you were given that name. Choose your child’s middle name wisely before giving it to them.


April 9th Name Yourself Day

Don’t like your name? Well, today is the day to change it to whatever you want. I have a few suggestions below but remember, when you change your name you will need to let everyone know you have changed it. Yes, even Uncle Harvey. The government would also probably like to know of this change. I mean, Billy the Kid wasn’t really Billy the Kid, he was actually William Henry McCarty.  Mata Hari was really Margaretha Geertruida Zelle. Can’t blame her for the change… who would want to write that out everyday! So go ahead and take a chance. Change it to something neither you, nor anyone else, will forget.


Charley McCarthy had a side kick known as Mortimer Snerd. That’s a great name to assume. I don’t think he would sue you, after all he’s really a dummy. Older people will remember him and it give you a leg up (Get it, dummy sits on the leg) in your career.


Or how about Lois Lane? I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Superman’s girlfriend!?! And she and Mortimer had a lot in common. After all, when Superman put his glasses on and became Clark Kent, she couldn’t tell they were the same person! Maybe she is the one who needed the glasses.


And then there is Beau Brummell, a real enough character but so long ago I doubt many will remember who he was. A soldier, woman’s man, and gentleman of his era. That name just sort of rolls off the tongue as well and yet it is very powerful. Just having the name makes you dashing and daring!


And my final offering is Betty Boop. What a great name! It doesn’t exactly spell a Rhodes Scholar but she was a lot smarter than anyone ever gave her credit for. The name just spells out fun and cute.

How to celebrate – Pick out a fun name for yourself and enjoy the change. Remember the name you pick out so when someone is talking to you you will remember who you are! Make sure you use names that people can pronounce. There is nothing worse than having a name placed in front of you that you can’t say, spell or understand.

February 13th Get A Different Name Day

Wow, have you been to a school lately and heard some of the names kids have? Some have 18 letters and cannot be pronounced by even a linguist! How can parents name their kids such bizarre names? I mean, I have a very common name and have never liked it all that much but at least it’s something people can say, remember and understand.


Look at the names above. How many can you pronounce? And these are easy ones! I work with kids a lot and have taken to calling anyone I cannot remember their name because it something bizarre, at least to me, so I call them Bob, or Fred, or something funny. They laugh and take it all in fun but for me, it’s a blessing. I want to call them by their names but who can remember Ulicksa or Orajami or Andressia? (And yes, those are real names I have run into.)


Well today is your day! You can give yourself any name you want (now this is only for today unless you do it legally). If you have a common name you can make it something wild and unusual. Or if you have been given a name no one understands, or worse… embarrasses you… you can make it simple. Sue, Mary, Jim, Joe… whatever you like.

British breed kitten isolated on a white background.

And while we are at it, what’s with animal names? Why do they always have to be weird or cute. Dogs named Killer often lick you to death and cats named Fluffy might rip your hand off. Let the animal give themselves a name by what they do! Like Runner or Jumpy or even something so simple as… “Hey You!”. I had a dog named Excalibur, I could not imagine myself calling him that so I thought and came up with Uther… that didn’t work either. I could not see myself out in the front yard calling… “Uther! Uther!” So I came up with “Blade”, it worked.


Whatever reason you have for wanting a different name, today is your day to try it out and see how it works for you. Now don’t try and pass yourself off as Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson (I don’t think anybody would believe you anyway). This holiday is copyrighted by Wellcat.com.

How to celebrate – Pick out a nice new name for yourself. Choose different names for your children today. Give your cat or dog the name you always wanted them to have.

October 2nd Name Your Car Day

If you had a car like the one above, what would you name it. I mean, I know it has a real name but this is your baby, yours to call what you want. Maybe… “Red”, no too obvious. How about “Baby”! No, very few women would call their car “Baby”.  Well, what would you name it if you owned it?

Family in a trunk of a car Citroen C5

Or maybe your dream car is a family car! Oh come now, I seriously doubt that! But let’s pretend it is. Would you name it “Daddy”or “Mommy”? How about “Pal” since it takes you and the kids where ever you want to go.


Maybe your car is truly a “Lemon”. That’s okay, a lot of them are. Lemon is really good on fish and some chicken dishes. The Greek use a lot of lemon in their dishes so maybe your car reminds you of “Chicken Limone”.vintage-ruxton

And maybe your idea of a car is a classic. Perhaps “Maurice” or maybe “Eleanor”. I can see getting in a car and saying, “Take me home, Maurice!”


Meanwhile, back in the real world. What if you drove a car like this? “Sticky”, “Homer”…”Eye Sore”. If you drive this car, one thing’s for sure, you will get noticed (I am not sure that is a good thing).


Now if you drive this you’ll definitely get noticed (but in this case it’s good). It’s a dream car, so you gotta give it a dream name. “Hercules”…”Atlas!”…or “Wonder Woman”. Doesn’t really matter what you call it if you drive this car!


And then there’s “Mac”. Not the good Mac like in Mac and Cheese. Just, “Mac”. There are some advantages to driving a car like this. People will probably leave money for you. No one is going to tailgate you. You’ll never have a wife, or husband, unless it’s your second cousin.


Then there’s this beauty! Actually, it’s what I drive and I call it, “Home Away From Home”. It may not be fancy or fast, it may not be luxurious, but it’s mine, and I like it. I hope you like your car, give it a kid name. It may not be all you thought it might be, it may have it’s issues, but it’s yours. If you treat it right, it will treat you right.

How to celebrate – Be nice to your car, give it a good name. Treat it like you would a family member, maybe even a little better. Give it a name you’ll both be proud of.