September 16th Collect Rocks Day

Some people collect paintings, some collect books, others collect old coins, and some collect antiques. Well, if you don’t have that sort of money, maybe you can collect rocks. Or if you do have money you can collect a different type of rock! Rocks are interesting, they have been around for a long, long time and have seen a lot more of what happens in life than we ever will. Some may have been a part of the Great Wall of China once, or a pebble that got inside Napoleon’s shoe. They may have even come from the moon, or a passing comet. The fact is, that rocks may have seen more history than we ever will, or even than mankind ever will. So collect rocks and be proud of it! Others may say it’s because you are cheap, but you’ll know better.

How to celebrate – Collect a rock and make it a “pet”. Imagine what you think this rock has seen. Learn about the different kinds of rocks there are.

July 13th Fool’s Paradise Day

Today is the day we celebrate someone else’s paradise by thinking they are a fool to believe in. Or maybe we are the fool for not believing in it. One’s paradise is another’s hell, and visa-versa. For one it may be an island in the middle of nowhere, or another it’s a snow capped mountain. Both have their issues, an island probably will be hit by a hurricane one time or another and a mountain a blizzard. It seems like those truly are fool’s paradise. The best paradise is the one you create for yourself and that paradise is real. So what is a fool’s paradise? Someplace that someone thinks can be created for them.

How to celebrate – Determine what your paradise would look like. Create your own paradise. Remember the grass is always green on the other side of the hill, not.

June 5th World Environment Day

Our environment is important, it’s our home after all. Now I know there is a great debate about whether all the threats are real or not but we still need to be aware of the environment no matter what side you are on.

The day was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972.  I am not sure why it takes the United Nations to tell us to be aware of the world… we should know that!

Whether it’s the wide open plains colored in beds of grass – green, amber, or whatever color, they seem to go on forever, interrupted by the occasional hill. We do have to protect these areas where towns are easily built and factories thrive.

Or the deserts painted in reds and oranges, with the bluest skies you’ve ever seen. They always seem to be where the greatest treasures are found, like oil and precious gems. Another target of mankind.

And then there’s the mountains, great for ski resorts and to “Get away” from it all. Other treasures are also found here, buried under the outer crust of the mountain’s shell. Gold, iron, plutonium, and silver.

And naturally there are the rain forests of the world. They are beautiful, filled with lush plants and wild life and possible cures for the world’s worst diseases.

The point is… governments should not have to protect these natural wonders, businesses should not have to stop doing business, and agencies should not have to protect the world from the things we people demand, want and need. We need to innovate, which we are doing, to find sustainable ways to protect our world but provide too! So children of today, leaders of tomorrow, it’s up to you to press forward and search for great new opportunities!

How to celebrate – Make a list of the things that you think you need that come from these precious resources. Take a trip and visit some of the beautiful areas of the world. Educate yourself on the ecosystems of the world.