July 20th National Moon Day

July 20th National Moon Day


Well for those of us that grew up before the Space Program came into vision, this day could mean an entirely different thing! However, that said, today we celebrate man’s first steps on the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first there on July 20th 1969, Buzz Aldrin soon followed.


They spent 2 and a half hours on the surface of the moon. It was quite an achievement, but of course there are those who say we never really got there. I believe we did.. so did Richard Nixon who, in 1971 as President, proclaimed the day but never followed up on it. Richard Christmas did, and the day was official recognized by Congress in 1975.


How to celebrate – Imagine yourself on the moon. Learn the different meanings of the moon’s cycles. Read about the space programs.


April 14th National Look Up At The Sky Day

April 14th National Look Up at The Sky Day

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Ever hear of Chicken Little? Well, the sky isn’t falling. There are many beautiful things up there… clouds, rainbows, pie. (You’ll get it if you think about it.)

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There are airplanes, the sun, the moon… you name it and you probably can find it up there. Clouds can be fun, look for different shapes that resemble something they remind you of.


How to celebrate – Keep looking up! Play “I spy” in the sky. Look for aliens.

July 20th National Moon Day

Today commemorates the day man first stepped on the moon. The date, July 20th, 1969. Forget the man in the moon, there was a man on the moon! It is a shame we got there and have done nothing with it since.


It was the Apollo program, set up by President John F. Kennedy, that got us there. Apollo 11 exactly, commanded by Neil Armstrong, with Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin, Jr. It was launched on July 16th and landed July 20th.


“The Eagle Has Landed” and “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” became the mantra of the day, sadly no one seems to care anymore. The people who came before us could only imagine reaching the moon and now that we have gotten there it seems no one cares.


And then there are those who believe it was all staged and it never really happened. Well it’s your choice, believe it or don’t, it really doesn’t matter right now either way. The moon is still there, we can see it every night. I am not sure the advantage of reaching the moon other than the idea that we can accomplish what we set our minds to do.

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How to celebrate – Go outside and look at the moon tonight, imagine what you could do with it if you had the chance. Honor the astronauts that reached the moon. Learn the cycles of the moon and how they affect the earth.