November 24th All Our Uncles Are Monkeys Day

Well depending on whether you are a follower of Darwin or not, you may or may not believe in evolution. The discovery of “Lucy” by Donald Johanson and Tom Gray in 1971 goes a long way to proving our ancestors may have been monkeys. Of course, they may not be as well. In all reality we may never know. “Lucy” was an Australopithecus Afarenisis, or an ape. If some of the scientists believe we may be related to apes, I guess it is possible that some of our Uncles are apes, but if our Uncles are apes then doesn’t that mean the rest of us are apes too!?! (Or did our Aunts just have strange taste in men?) So, do you think you are a monkey? (And yes I know monkeys and apes are not the same thing)

How to celebrate – Go see “Lucy”. Build a tree house. Start a family tree.

November 24th All Our Uncles are Monkeys Day

Well, do we come from monkeys or not? According to Charles Darwin’s “On The Origin Of Species”, published in 1859, we are. That’s one theory, of course there are others. Are we related to apes? There is no doubt that there is some physical attributes that seem to blend the species together but then there are others that separate them.


In 1974, Australopithecus Afaresis Lucy’s skeleton, was discovered and seems to be a little more closely resembling both species. There is no doubt that Homo sapiens have evolved over time but did we come from monkeys?


Does this look like anyone you know? Uncle Bob, Cousin Bill, Aunt Dorothy? Do you have any family photos that you sort of wonder about? Probably not because man supposedly evolved before there were cameras.


Now it is true that a monkey does enjoy a beer from time to time, maybe a cigar and loves to sit on the couch watching football and scratching himself. So how do you describe yourself? Ape or man, man or ape?

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In the end, we are all family and that is what matters most. Gather those close to you and love them whether you are man or beast.

How to celebrate – Read about Charles Darwin. Read the Bible. Go have a beer.