November 24th All Our Uncles Are Monkeys Day

If you are Charles Darwin you will particularly enjoy today. It gets into Evolution and Darwin’s theory written in his 1859 book, “On The Origin Of Species” Perhaps this explains that long lost relative that appeared out of no where! Personally I find the idea a little insulting, not because we may all come from monkeys but because apparently there were no aunts, just uncles studied. To many Darwin’s theory was either proven by Donald Johanson’s and Tom Gray’s discovery of “Lucy” in 1974 or debunked. Either way you do have to admit we humans and monkeys do have a lot in common beyond our love of bananas!

How to celebrate – Invite Uncle Bonzo to lunch. When you visit the zoo watch the monkeys watch you. Go Ape today.

March 1st Sock Monkey Day

March 1st Sock Monkey Day

We all have made, or owned, a sock monkey (well maybe not all of us). They are easy to create and fun to have around for all sorts of reasons. They are considered Homemade Folk Art although Nelson Knitting got the patent for them in 1955. They are great for making the sad happy, entertaining children and for just having fun for no reason at all. They can also be a good friend to tell all your troubles to, they won’t repeat a word you said. It is suggested, however, to wash your sock before you turn it into a sock monkey.

How to celebrate – Make your own sock monkey. Make several sock monkeys so you can have conversations between them. Have a sock monkey party; don’t forget the bananas!

Dec. 14th International Monkey Day

December 14th International Monkey Day

Man tends to put every animal on earth beneath himself. The monkey comes closest but we still treat them as though we are better than them. We hunt them, abuse them, and use them for our own amusement. There is something wrong with that. Today we celebrate the lifes of monkeys, apes, tarsiers, and lemurs. We should celebrate all wildlife and let it live as it chooses, not as what entertains us. Today was originally created as a joke by Casey Sorrow who put it on a friend’s calendar. Who knew it would go international?

How to celebrate – Go on safari and see the monkey in nature (doesn’t have to be Africa by the way). See how many different breeds of monkey you can name. Learn about Koko and her kitten.