May 23rd Lucky Penny Day

The penny isn’t what it use to be, but then who of us are? The penny use to have a lot more value than it does today. In fact, governments are eliminating the penny in many economies because they aren’t worth the money the materials cost to make it and even penny candy that use to make children happy is lie 50 cents now! (If you are lucky enough to find it!) There are many theories of what makes a penny lucky, the one most common to me is when you find a penny on the ground. If the penny is on heads, pick it up and it brings you luck. (But you can’t spend it) If it is on tails, just leave it where it lay.

How to celebrate – Go around looking for pennies on the ground. (Have a partner watch that you don’t run into anything.) “A penny saved is worth a penny earned”. “A penny for your thoughts”

May 20th Be A Millionaire Day

It sounds so simple and there are a lot of people these days that actually do reach the level of millionaire. It just takes a lot of hard work, luck, being in the right place at the right time and…well, you know maybe inheriting the money. It got me thinking of the games we play where we think we can become a millionaire. The main games here are Monopoly and Life. The thing is, if you add up all the money and property you can own in either of these games you can’t become a millionaire because there isn’t enough money involved in those games to make that much play money! Being rich is a good thing but what is more important is what you do with your money. Just having it in the bank doesn’t do anyone any good, except maybe the bankers.

How to celebrate – Get a plan on how to become a millionaire. Save your pennies, they do add up. Live your life to be happy, not just rich.

May 23rd National Lucky Penny Day

Find a penny on heads and it will bring you good luck all day. Find enough pennies on heads and you will get rich! And while we tend not to value the penny anymore it has, in the past, been a big part of our lives. Penny candy, a penny for your thoughts, penny ante, put in your 2 cents… it goes on and on. While a penny might not seem like all that much, it can be worth a lot if you find enough of them and, if nothing else, you are a penny richer than you were before you found it! Be penny-wise and learn to save that money! And who knows, maybe you will find that rare penny that is worth several thousand dollars!

How to celebrate – Keep your head down and look for those pennies. Never pick up a penny on tails. Look up what indicates a penny is worth more than a penny.

May 20th Be A Millionaire Day

Today is all about money, the kind of money that you can claim to be rich. Millionaire kind of money. Of course, today’s millionaire needs to be a billionaire to qualify to be rich. It’s sort of like education, a bachelor’s degree use to be for the smartest of people, now it seems everybody has one and a master’s degree is what to strive for. Well, making money does not really define who we are, it defines what we are. Many find the more they make they more they spend, so that million dollars isn’t what it use to be. Still, most of us would like to have a million dollars! (There are times I’d like to have ten dollars!) Well today is the day for you to strive to become a millionaire, even if you don’t make it at least you’ve tries and certainly bettered your financial situation.

How to celebrate – Start today on your way to become a millionaire. Play Monopoly. Invest in the stock market. (But be careful)

August 8th National Dollar Day

August 8th National Dollar Day

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It wasn’t until August 8th, 1786 that Congress implemented a national currency, each state printed their own money or used silver and gold to pay its debts before then.


Originally most money were coins made from silver and gold to show it’s true value. The first dollar bill was printed in 1862, during the Civil War, and instead of George Washington it was Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase that appeared on the bill.

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Today there are mints that print the money in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, West Point and Fort Knox.


How to celebrate – Take out a dollar bill and inspect it, it’s supposed to have some really cool codes contained in the images. Look for the no longer printed $2.00 bill. You are supposed to turn in any gold or silver backs you find.

May 23rd National Lucky Penny Day

I know people who think a penny is worthless. But if they find one on the ground they will go out of their way to pick it up, if it is on heads. It’s supposed to bring you good luck, though I doubt that it really does. Particularly if the one you have found happens to be in the middle of a busy street.

A Day in the Life of Pennies

There are some countries that do not even make pennies anymore and many in the US think they are right. After-all, it takes a ton of them to buy anything. It use to be that a penny was at least good for penny candy or to pay the tax on something you’ve bought but not so much anymore.

pick it up

Actually you can find lots of coins on the ground if you just look. I remember spotting something shiny in my school garbage dumpster and on closer inspection I found over $12.00 in pennies a teacher was too lazy to take home, even the janitors threw them away. Hint- I didn’t!

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A penny saved is a penny earned according to Ben Franklin. He grew wealthy over his career so I figure what was good for him is good for me! And who knows, you may find a double stamped penny worth a small fortune! Even finding copper pennies made during the World War 2 years can be worth a lot of money because they needed the copper for the weapons.

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So don’t think that penny you see on the ground is worthless. Go ahead and pick it up. If you are superstitious, just pick up the ones on heads. If you don’t care, pick them all up. You will definately be richer than you were before, either way!

How to celebrate – Keep your head down when you walk and search for money! Give a penny a break and save it. Bag up what you have found over a years time and see how much it’s worth!

May 20th National Be A Millionaire Day

So, who wants to be a millionaire!?! Well, probably most of us. Maybe a few of us are, not me! It is very unlikely that you will make a million working for someone else, unless you are an executive of a major company. But what the heck, it fun to pretend.


Just think what you could do with a million dollars! Naturally if you spend it, you won’t be a millionaire anymore, but what fun. You could buy a whole lot of useless stuff that you will later regret! Some of the cheapest people I have known have been millionaires. That’s because they want to continue to be millionaires.


A lot of lottery winners that are made millionaires over night end up being broke a year later. If you do make it rich you have to learn how to spend wisely. Thinking that money will always be there is a huge mistake. That’s why earning it means more than winning it. If you earn it, you will know it’s value.

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Most of us will only earn a million dollars in monopoly, if even that. It is fine to earn that kind of money but don’t become a slave to it, after all it has already been proven that money can’t buy you happiness. It gets pretty darn close, but nearly always fails.

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How to celebrate  -Count your pennies! Play monopoly. Be happy.