May 31st National Macaroon Day

It’s nice that my favorite cookie’s day falls on my favorite son’s birthday. Nothing against other cookies, they are good and all but Macaroons are my favorite (and I only have one son so I am not really playing favorites here). It is a flour-less cookie, made from ground nuts and leavened egg whites. It has been a favorite among the Jewish community during Passover since they are not allowed to cook with flour during the season.


The coconut macaroon is by far the most popular and well known but I am told another flavor macaroon comes from potatoes. I’ve never had a potato flavored cookie that I know of, maybe I have… That ought to be interesting, I like potatoes.


Naturally the French had to one up the other macaroons… (macarons) at least I think it was the French. They don’t look like other macaroons (because they’re macarons) and they come in all sorts of flavors. They are good though. Funny looking, yes, and they are claimed to be made by Angels and Unicorns. I am pretty sure Angels have a lot more important things to do and if they were made by Unicorns wouldn’t they have a hole in the middle like a donut? Well Maarons have their own National Holiday in March.


Anyway, the traditional ones can be improved by drizzling chocolate over them, that is if you like chocolate. Not that they need it though. It is believed that the macaroon was first made in Italy around 1792. It is said that this cookie is the only thing that made the monks there talk!


Well, did I mention it is my son’s birthday? I think maybe we should try to make him a macaroon cake. Of course it might be just a tad bit dry by the time it reaches him so, I’ll just have to eat it myself and tell him about it. I’ll bet it’ll be good.!

How to celebrate – Eat a macaroon today! Make some macaroons. Try a macaron made by a unicorn.

May 30th National Water A Flower Day

Yesterday we talked about compost, today we are talking about watering plants. Get a theme here!?! But the name of the day is a singular item so do you have a favorite flower? If you do, it is the day to show your favoritism and water just that flower.

images (3)

Of course it’s generally a little difficult to water just one flower, they generally come in bunches. Also, do flowers have feelings? Try just petting one of your dogs or giving treats to just one of your cats and then look at the faces of the others. Trust me, you won’t feel good about it.

images (2)

Naturally, you don’t really need to worry about  their feelings if your plant isn’t real. So go ahead and water it but it won’t do you any good, it could even cause you more troubles. That’s the good thing about fake plants, they need no water, no compost and don’t have feelings. Or do they? How do we know those items created by someone that we thought enough of to buy, steal or obtain in some manner don’t have feelings?

images (4)

Okay, so maybe that’s taking things a little too far. But still, wouldn’t just be better to go ahead and water all your flowers? Maybe even water your neighbors flowers. Take care though, if you are like me you will probably over water your plants and kill them that way!


So just hope it rains and you don’t have to worry about it. But do you secretly have a favorite flower that you keep quiet about. Take a picture of it, the rest of the flowers will think you are taking a picture of all of them so they won’t know the difference.

How to celebrate – Determine which of your flowers is you favorite. Plant some flowers if you don’t have any. Watering does not include urinating on it!

May 29th National Learn About Composting Day

With summer coming up it’s time to start thinking about planting gardens of vegetables, flowers and anything you want to grow. By creating a compost resource you stand a lot better chance that things are going to actually grow. So you need a little planning time to create this resource ahead of your garden.


There are a lot of different theories on what to use and what not to use to create your compost pile. Some say you can use paper towels, other say not to, some say cardboard is good, some say it is harmful. If you look at the list above you’ll find a pretty general rule of thumb of what will get you the best results.


Here’s the part I do not actually get, that is the layering of you disposables so that you get the best results. I am also not too sure about the smell of your left overs as they rot and turn into compost. The idea is to create soil that has nutrients in it and will hold moisture. Of course, you can just go buy it at a lawn and garden shop but since you probably create it every day yourself you might as well use what you got!


With the “Go Green” movement waste not, want not. Use those items you would normally just throw away and create your own compost pile. It will require a little effort on your part but it will be worth it.

images (1)

When you do get that garden you have been dreaming of the picture will become clearer. This day was created by Holiday Insights in 2011.

How to celebrate – Build you walls to create your own compost pile. Learn how to properly use compost. Make this a family effort.

May 27th Trinity Sunday

Today is Trinity Sunday in Australia. So why should we care? Well it’s celebrated as well in Canada, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and here in the United States. It combines the Trinity, The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost (Or Holy Spirit) into one.

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This is a hard concept for many to believe but it’s sort of like the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary of State except in a union where all three work together, exist because of each other and blend themselves into one. Obviously the President, Vice-President and Secretary of State don’t do that!

images (2)

The day was created by Pope Gregory IX in 828 CE. (So why isn’t it celebrated in Italy?). It’s symbol is the Borromean rings, three rings connected to one another. It is one of the few church celebrate doctrines.


If you are a Christian it is an important Sunday. The idea that three separate entities can become one is hard to understand. But God is the Father, Jesus is the Son and the Holy Spirit is the light that they bring to you. One does not exist without the other, combined they are the perfect union.

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Either you believe, or you don’t. Most religions have something similar to this. To those of us that follow Christ, it is hard for us to imagine something else. However, as we ask for tolerance of what we believe, we must also give tolerance to what others believe.

How to celebrate – Learn more about Trinity Sunday. Celebrate the day in Church. Be tolerant of others.

May 26th National Sally Ride Day

Though many of us think of ourselves as Space Cadets, we will never make it into space. Dr. Sally Ride did. She was the Mission Specialist on STS-7 June 18th, 1983. She proved once and for all that a woman could do anything a man could do.


The funny thing about it is, she probably didn’t even think twice about being a woman verses a man. Maybe she did, I wasn’t there so I don’t know. Unlike many women, or men, who try to prove they can do anything the other sex can do she had a reason, a job to do and she did it.

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Born May 26th, 1951… she spent a great deal of her life preparing herself for the position she finally achieved. She got the education, stayed physically fit and qualified herself for the position she eventually got. She did not get it simply because she was a woman.


I have always believed a woman can do whatever a man can do. I honestly do not know a single person who does not believe that. Well, maybe one. The world needs more people like Sally Ride so that the separation between men and women can be minimized.

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So go on and celebrate National Sally Ride Day for whatever reason you want but remember, it was a position earned. She is a true American hero.

How to celebrate – Read about Sally Rides life. Find out the other women who have made it into the astronaut program. Study the women who have made history.

May 25th National Don’t Fry Day

May 25th National Don’t Fry Day.


You might think today has something to do with fried foods, either for them or against them but the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention would disagree. Today is a day to make sure that you don’t burn your skin under the sun, not just for one day, but for every day. Skin cancer is treatable, just don’t let it go too long. You might also consider using Anthelios 60, the highest rated sunblock on the face of the earth today. Always celebrated the Friday before Memorial Day.


How to celebrate – Plan a day in the sun. Make sure you remember the sunblock! Remember a lot of blocks will wash off in water.

May 24th National Escargot Day

Here’s another one of those days I just don’t understand, National Escargot Day. For those who like Escargot I guess it makes perfect sense and is a wonderful day to enjoy one of their favorite foods. But who discovered it as food?

images (1)

I mean, look at it. Who is going to reach down on the ground and pick up a snail and go, “Yum, that looks good enough to eat”!?! My thoughts are, someone pretty darn hungry.  Did they see animals eating them? Did they watched what the snails ate and decide that made them taste good. I would say apparently not because  there has been a lot of experimentation on how to prepare them to taste their best.

images (4)

I guess the butter, garlic, parsley and pepper cover up the actual taste of the snail. You still have to look at it, unless you close your eyes. I have never personally found something crawling on the ground something I wanted to put in my mouth. For those of you that love it, wonderful I think it is probably more the though of eating it to me than the taste.

download (1)

But if you like Escargot, this is your day! You can order without thought of what others think and enough it down to the very… very… shell of it. My guess is that you have to eat a lot of them to fill up, they aren’t very big.


But make sure it is well done, or your dinner might leave the table on it’s own.

How to celebrate – Have a snail for dinner tonight. Go snail hunting. Try a slug instead of a snail.