May 16th Armed Forces Day

Always celebrated on the 3rd Saturday in May, Armed Forces Day is a day to honor those that serve to protect us and so that the public can get to know how those services operate. Most armed services provide a public viewing of the history of the service’s history at bases set up for the day. Today was set up by a Presidential Proclamation under Harry Truman on Feb 20th, 1950 and was first officially observed on May 20th, 1950. American armed forces include the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines (A part of the navy) and the Coast Guard. These men and women are due our respect and should be honored for their service.

How to celebrate – Visit an open base for Armed Forces Day. Thank a soldier for what they do. Read about what all the branches do to keep us safe.

November 10th USMC Day

Today we celebrate the birth of the Marine Corp on November 10th, 1775. Back then they were called the Continental Marines, their main duty – keep the enemy from boarding the and capturing the small Continental Navy ships. Over the years, Congress has tried desperately to get rid of the Marines, until they realized that they were the reason we were winning wars. Their numbers have always been kept low and their training among the best in the world. They are generally the first to land during any conflict, and the last to defend even when all hope is gone. We owe a lot to the Marine Corp. The few, the proud, the Marines. Semper Fi.

How to celebrate – Thank any Marine you see for their service. Study the conflicts the Marines have been involved in. Visit the National Marine Museum in Virginia.

November 10th USMC Day

Today is the birthday of the United States Marines. Congress authorized the Marines in 1775 to serve on board the ships of the also newly formed U.S. Navy. They were the Continental Marines and served as the naval land forces, boarding parties and sharpshooters on board ships.


Since then, the Marines have served in every war the United States has been involved in. And that is probably a lot more than you are aware of. They have always been the few and the proud and have every reason for their pride. They are generally the first to arrive and in some cases, the last to leave any conflict.

At the 150th Commemoration of the Battle of First Manassas/Bull Run.

They have served at home and across the world aboard ships. They have protected the interests of the United States, it’s government and it’s people. It really does take nerves of steel to serve as a Marine. They more often than not are what stands between us and destruction.

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Their motto is, “Semper Fidelis” which means “Always Faithful” or “Always Loyal”.  While most of the rest of the world is still trying to figure out what to do, the Marines are getting it done. My Uncle served in the Marine Corp starting out as a private end ending up a General. There are few services where that can happen.


They willingly go where no one else wants to go, do the jobs that no one else can do and never ask why. “Hurrah!” for the Marines.

How to celebrate – Thank a Marine for what they do. Read about the history of the Marine Corp. Look up how many wars the United States has actually been in.

May 28th Memorial Day

May 28th Memorial Day


Today we remember those who have perished in the defense of our country during their military service. It is the supreme sacrifice in order that others may live free, not something we should take lightly.


The day came after the Civil War, first known as Decoration Day when Southern families remembered their dead by placing flowers and other decoration on the graves. Since 1971 it has been known better as Memorial Day.


How to celebrate – Remember the fallen who fell for you. Visit the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Honor those who still serve in the military.

November 19th USMC Day

The Few, the Proud, the Marines. They have been heroes for America since America began. Today is their birthday, November 10th, 1775.

The Marines began service during the American Revolution. There purpose was to give the tiny American Navy a group of men that could fight either on land or water, but mainly to serve as an arm of the Navy.

Since then, they have served in every American conflict… both known and unknown. They are generally the first to fight and have branched out to be a somewhat independent force, though they are still recognized as a part of the Navy.

They fought in the Civil War and in World War 1 with distinction, often fielding only a few troops but with massive effect. They have truly been America’s heroes though rarely getting the credit for their service.

They probably reached their zenith during World War 2 where they fought the Japanese with little support from anyone but the Navy. They were the first to be landed, form a beachhead and move inland before turning the occupation over to the Army and moving on to the next island.

Today the Marines continue to protect us from any threat, still the first to arrive and still a vital part of our countries defense. Semper Fi, always faithful.

How to celebrate – Thank any Marine you see. Study the service the marines have provided over the years. Send support to those Marines serving all over the world.

May 20th Armed Forces Day

Nearly every country in the world owes their existence to the men and women who fought to allow civilians to live where they live, countries to grow where they have grown and civilization to thrive where it has been born. War is not brought on by soldiers, it is brought on by politics that get out of control or greed that civilians create. Yet it almost always seems to be the soldier that pays the ultimate price.


Britain ruled a great deal of  the world by the deployment of it’s Navy, America has enjoyed it’s freedom because of the Navy and even the great empires of history have had powerful navies, even when landlocked.

Coast Guard Boat in Morro Bay, CA 04 Dec 2007

And while the Navy protects us from large scale land invasion, the Coast Guard keeps us safe from those that might slip through the cracks. They also protect us from many of the stupid things we do, like sailing without life preservers and letting the fuel run out when we go boating.


Armed Forces Day was created by Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson on August 31, 1949. It was announced by President Harry Truman on February 20th, 1950. Then finally celebrated on May 20th, 1950. It honors all our fighting forces, the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard for their service from day one in America.

Now I know to many of you it may get old to thank our military as much as we do. Honestly though, we cannot thank them enough, ever. None of us would be here if not for them. Most of the countries would not exist without them. And oddly enough, there would never be peace without them.


How to celebrate – Thank every uniformed serviceman/woman that you see today for your life. Thank any retired serviceman/woman for their past service. Fly your flag proudly, whatever country you are in, the idea of your flag is the freedom you’ve been given and the soul of every soldier who has ever fought and died for you.

November 10th Marine Corps Birthday

Today is the Marine Corps birthday, November 10th, 1775. The Second Continental Congress charged Samuel Nicolas to form 2 battalions of Marines to serve on board the Continental Navy ships as guards, police and land forces for the Navy. They served with distinction primarily as sharp shooters on board war ships and were often forgotten concerning promotion and pay. The Continental Marines served until the end of the war in 1783 when they were released from duty, effectively shutting down the Marine Corps.


It’s said they were formed in the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The need of a standing army after the revolution was an expense the newly formed government could not afford. It wasn’t until 1798 that the Corps was reformed and though it has struggled in the years since, it has always been there. It would be hard to imagine America today without a Marine Corps.


A formal Marine Ball was established in 1925 celebrating the birthday of the “Few, the Proud, the Marines.” They have served in every conflict America has found itself in. Most of their actions have been overseas, carrying the war to the aggressors before it can reach American soil. A handful of Marines brought about an end to the Barbary War, were first to land in the Spanish-American War, and were vital to the forces in Europe during Word War 1. Word War 2 saw the Marines take on Japan nearly singlehandedly at the beginning of the war and came to the rescue in Korea. Today, they serve on nearly every continent where there are American interests and are always called upon to go in first and stabilize and hold until other branches of the service can be gathered on the scene.


We owe the Marines at lot… we owe them everything. Only a few can meet the challenging requirements of the Marine Corps. They are not, and have never been, the largest branch of the service, but when a soldier or humanitarian is needed somewhere, they are the first on the scene.


How to celebrate – The best way is to just remember a Marine today. Attend the Marine Ball if you are able, or one of the mock battles, musical performances, pageants or sports programs, that celebrate the Marine Corp. Thank a marine for serving. Send a care package to a Marine serving over seas.

May 6th Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Our military personnel are stationed all over the world, many in extremely dangerous areas. Imagine being married to one of those heroes and realizing that you might not see them for up to 3 years or more while they are deployed, and in extreme cases, maybe never again. Not only do you lose your lover, your best friend, and your confidant, but you gain all the responsibilities they were forced to leave behind. The rent still has to be paid on time, groceries still have to be bought, cars have to be maintained, in other words… life goes on. It’s hard enough for two people to make it in life today, let alone one with little to no support. Now maybe you add a child or two to the story and things get even tougher,  or maybe you have a relative that you care for that has some sort debilitating health issue.  They all still have to be taken care of.

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And when the Soldier/Sailor/Airman returns, just when things are supposed to get easier, what happens if they return wounded or missing limbs. Did you know that 30% of all military personnel returning from a combat area suffer from PTSD? (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)  Now the nights become suffering through reoccurring nightmares and days living with the constant reminders and struggles the soldier has been afflicted by. Its as though they have brought the war home with them and are living it over and over everyday, and their loved one has to become a part of it as well.


Really when you think about it, when you send one person over seas (man or woman) you are actually sending their spouse and children, their mothers and fathers grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc. with them in many ways.  The difference is, your tax dollars aren’t paying for any of them directly. The military isn’t housing all of them directly and emotionally. No one is attending their to their welfare. The one who suffers the most, is the spouse. They are the ones waiting by the phone or dreading the knock on the door, hoping that call or telegram doesn’t come, and have no one to hug away their fears and tears. I am sure we can all agree that family is wonderful but no matter how much they try, no matter how much they succeed, they are not the lover, not the best friend, nor the true confidant.

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So give it up for the military spouse like Ronald Reagan did when he created this holiday in 1984.  They are the unsung heroes, they are seldom patted on the back and no one gets up and claps for them when they walk through an airport.  Military personnel are due all the respect they get, and more, but so are their wives and husbands waiting for them to come home.

How to celebrate:  Find someone who is a spouse of someone serving and take them to dinner.  Sit and listen to them, let them pour out their hearts to someone who cares.  Watch their children so they can have a day to themselves to do whatever they want.