August 26th National Dog Day

I can never get enough of dogs… I mean I like cats, birds and other pets, but there is just nothing like a dog. They offer love for no reason at all, accept whoever loves them and never, never lie. They become our children that stay home. And they constantly want to please.


They don’t ask for too much in return. A little food, a little water, maybe a walk or two and some attention… they do not need new dresses, want the latest toy or drive us into the poor house going to college for 12 years. Sadly they don’t live all that long often leaving us sad and lonely.


Today was created by the National Dog Day Foundation in the attempt to save 10,000 dogs a year from being destroyed. One Dog a Day is their motto, just one. To abuse a dog is being about as low as one can get. Yes they make mistakes, but don’t we all. At least they learn from them!

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It is impossible to look in their eyes and not see love. As humans, we could learn a lot from them. When friends and family let you down or don’t stand by you for whatever reason… dogs don’t care. They will be there for you, with you and help you through some of the roughest times.


There is a friend waiting for you out there. They need you as much as you need them, they want you as much as you want them. What a joy it is to have a dog. What a joy it is to love a dog. Don’t ever give up on them because they will never give up on you.

How to celebrate – Love your dog. Rescue a dog. You already have a best friend out there, you just need to find them!

October 1st National Fire Pup Day

Man has been fighting fires even since before he knew how to start them. At first, they fought the fires alone, then they banded together finding the more people fighting the fire the better the results. Eventually they added a fire cart that pulled themselves to fight the fires from, carrying water they needed, in a tank on a cart.

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It wasn’t long before they realized that horses could carry larger tanks of water and move faster so they built a wagon, put the tank on it, had the horses pull the wagon and all was well… well, sort of anyway. Apparently horses do not like fire any more than people do and in some cases, they have the good sense to run away from them. If they had left the wagon and the tank of water that would probably have been okay but since they didn’t wait for the wagon to be unhitched, there went the horse, the wagon, and the water.

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Then came the Dalmatian. No one seems to know exactly where the Dalmatian came from but it was discovered that they had a calming effect on the horses and chased away anything that might endanger the animals, or the people that depended on them. The dogs seemed to know instinctively how to run ahead of the horses and even under the fire wagon without getting run over.


They are known to have served starting in the 1700’s becoming as much a part of the firehouse as the tools and firemen. Even though horses are not required anymore and there are no wagons for the Dalmatian to protect, it is still the fire dog of choice.


Dogs have long been a part of man’s history.  They have rescued man, fought beside man and protected us from fire. They are truly man’s best friend, making each and everyone of them a hero in their own way.

How to celebrate – Take a Dalmatian to lunch today! Give your own dog a special hug. Look into the eyes of your dog and see the very special, wonderful animal they truly are.

August 26th National Dog Day

Yes, there’s no denying it, I am a dog person. I have nothing against any other animal, I love them and get along with them just fine, but a dog is by far my favorite. Apparently George W. Bush likes dogs as well, sending a letter of support to the National Dog Day Foundation, the founders of National Dog Day.


Dogs are friends, protectors and sometime sole mates. They learn who we are, how we react to things and then try and place themselves in that routine somehow, someway.  “Man’s Best Friend” has earned it’s place because of what it does and how much it cares.  Yes, they may chew on shoes, pee in the house and bark in the middle of the night but just one cuddle or smile can make yo for get all that.


To me, the biggest thing is, they want to please us. They want our respect, our attention and our love but they give back all the same and more. Sadly people are often to selfish to take care of the dog they have, or abuse them since they feel they are the master and do as they please. Normally the dog will take it, much like a battered wife, they don’t know any better. But it is a shame since they are born to be our friends, make us smile and keep us company.

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Generally speaking, if someone can’t be a good friend to a dog, they can’t be a good friend to a human. National Dog Day Foundation tries to find homes for 10,000 dogs a year. That means that more than 10,000 go hungry, unloved and are afraid every day… something we can do something about.

How to celebrate – If you have a dog, give them a hug today. If you don;t have a dog consider adopting one. Take your best buddy everywhere you go today.

March 23rd National Puppy Day

What is cuter than a puppy? The correct answer… nothing! These potential “Man’s Best Friend” are filled with energy and prone to doing a few things they shouldn’t but still it’s very hard to resist their appeal.


They are a bit clumsy as they learn how to use their legs and control their bodies but that’s part of the fun watching them and playing with them. They provide cuddles and kisses, loving and fun as they become a part of the family.

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They say that  dog that crosses it’s feet when it lays down shows signs of intelligence. I am not sure why but they do look more studious. Dogs that cross their feet when  they run, however, fall down!

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I love dogs… not that I don’t love cats and other animals, I do… but dogs offer us something more than any other animal. They want to be with us, they want to be involved in what we are doing (Whether that helps or not) and will offer up their lives to protect us. I don’t know of a better friend than that. They do not judge us, don’t care what we look like (Or smell like) and love us unconditionally.

Playful golden retriever puppy

Today was created by Colleen Paige of Pet & Home Lifestyle.

How to celebrate – Take your puppy to lunch (A picnic)! Try to pick out a puppy from a shelter to save their lives and easy the burden on over stretched resources. Don’t forget the older dogs too though, they need homes and people to love them as well.

April 23rd National Lost Dogs Awareness Day

I have been fortunate enough to have a dog, or two, for over 85% of my life.  They are more often than not a major part of my life.  They are my best friends, loyal companion and they expect nothing more from me than a little food and a little loving.  They give so much more back.

Lost Dogs Awareness Day was created by Susan Taney and Kathy Pobloskie in an effort to help reunite lost dogs with their families. They are the directors of Lost Dogs, Illinois and Lost Dogs, Wisconsin.  In only  few years they have opened chapters in Arizona, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Colorado, New Jersey and Iowa. Since they opened their doors they have helped bring lost dogs back to their families over 21,000 times.  I cannot imagine a more rewarding moment than witnessing when a dog and human are reunited after a long and scary absence for both of them.


Every dog you see on the street, every dog you see alone, every dog you see like the one above is likely missing their reason for living, their human.  Their human is likely feeling the same thing.  There are stories of dogs that have traveled hundreds of miles to find their home gain in their dearest loves arms. To think that the dog does not have feelings, does not care and does not even know where they belong just look at the face of this puppy above.  They live for us humans and many of us live for them.  People may call the human the master but they are not, they are the best friend the dog can have, the dog is the best friend the human will ever have.  There is no master here.  The good news on the photo above is that this dog was eventually reunited with his best friend.

To abuse an animal, dog or any other species, can only be done by a sub-human.  In my opinion, someone whose value sinks below even a worm.  But that is not what this day is all about.  This is a celebration, of sorts, for those who do their best to bring friends back together again.

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I assure you the smile on this dogs best friend is equal to the dogs smile.  Or maybe he’s thinking about what Susan Taney and Kathy Robloskie have started.  Please visit the LDOW community on Facebook, or on Twitter @LostdogsofWisc.  I am sure they could use your help but I know their clients can.

How to celebrate: Don’t put yourself in danger, a lost dog is frightened and their best defense is to bite… but if you see a dog that looks lost, don’t just walk by them, try to help them. (Imagine if you were lost how much a friendly voice, a touch of kindness or even a cool drink of water might mean to you). Contact the LDOW and see how you can help.  Donate some food to a local animal shelter to help feed someone who really would do the same for you if they could.