November 3rd Sandwich Day

If it’s lunch time, most of us are probably having a sandwich. It’s filling, tasty, and portable! It is really a full meal – in most cases, bread, meat, cheese, and vegetables! Supposedly, the sandwich was created by the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, who spent a great deal of time in gambling halls in the UK and did not have time to sit and have a full meal. He thought to himself, if he put the meat he was having between two pieces of bread he could take his meal with him and eat as he played. This was in 1762. While it might be true, and probably is, I find it a little hard to believe that people before Montagu hadn’t thought up the idea. But none-the-less, today we celebrate his invention the sandwich in the best way we know how… eating a sandwich.

How to celebrate – Have a sandwich. Invent some type of new sandwich. Try adding new and different things to your sandwich.

October 17th National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day

October 17th Take Your Parents To Lunch Day

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How many times in your life have your parents taken you to lunch? If you count back to when you were a child, it’s probably a lot! Well today is your chance to pay hem back a little. It’s also a chance to catch up a little and let them know you care. It doesn’t have to be fancy, in fact your parents would probably prefer something cheaper because they want you to save that money. And in the end, you may actually get more out of the lunch than they do.


How to celebrate – Take your parents to lunch today. Make a picnic lunch today for your parents. Make lunch a surprise, take your parents someplace they’ve never been to today.

April 7th National Walk To Work Day

Today is National Walk To Work Day. It was started by US Secretary of Health & Human Services, Thomas G. Thompson, back on April 2nd, 2004. (The celebration is the first Friday in April)  If you work as far away from work as I do, you’d better have started yesterday!


There are a few rules about walking that you may want to pay attention to however. Like, don’t walk and read your cell phone at the same time. People have actually fallen off mountains doing that. Though how many mountains you cross going to work may take care of this issue. For the most part, just be reasonable while walking. Keep your head up and watch where you are going. Make sure you know the traffic rules and do not assume someone in a car is always going to stop.

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Soldiers do not have as many issues since they march (Walk) every day. It is sort of their job! So I guess you could say they walk to work everyday. In theory, one should walk at least 30 minutes a day, or take 10,000 steps, to stay healthy. (That means all at once, not over the course of the entire day!)

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Be friendly while walking, you never know what new friends you might make. However, should you find a group of Zombies you might want to quicken your pace. A Zombie walks a lot so don’t depend on wearing them out, you have to move faster than them. (Which isn’t really very hard to do.

How to celebrate – Walk to work today if you can. If you can’t walk to work, walk at lunch, 15 minutes one way and returning the other fifteen minutes. Make sure you wear the right shoes!

November 28th National French Toast Day

Everyone knows this is Cyber Monday so I am choosing another subject, French Bread Day. Is it a breakfast food? A dessert? A snack? The answer to those perplexing questions is, yes. Though it is called French Toast the French had little to do with it and no one seems to know why the French get the credit. Sure, it seems like something the French would create but the fact is, it was created long before there was even a France.


Over the years if has been called Egg Bread, German Toast, Poor Knight’s Pudding, Bombay Toast, and who knows what else. It first appeared as a recipe back in the 4th century written in Latin.  It appeared again in 14th century Germany as Poor Knight’s Pudding because it could be made cheaply. Most versions are simply made from bread, dunked in eggs and milk, and fried. Here’s a recipe if you actually need one!


The English came up with a version adding Nutella to the mix for additional flavor. The Italians add cheese in the middle of their bread – calling it, “Mozzarella En Carrozza”. Of course fruit goes well with the toast, as does practically any kind of nut, and maple syrup is a natural sweetner. Add a little whipped cream, and you’ve got nearly every food group added to one dish.


Where the French did actually become involved was when they used stale or old bread to make their version of French Bread calling it ‘Pain Perdu’ or “Lost Bread”. The bread may have even had a little mold mixed in just for flavor.

How to celebrate – Start your day out with some French Toast, or have it for lunch, or supper. It goes great any time you choose to eat it. Create your own new French Toast dish. Add a little meat and you wind up with a McGriddle! Or try the newest version…