March 21 Love Twitter Day

A little blue bird emerged 10 years ago with one audible noise, “Tweet”. Little did we know that 10 years later that little blue bird would say Tweet over 500 million times a day.

Twitter has been our source for good times, bad times, laughter, heartache, and love; it has brought the world together in the midst of these triumphs and tragedies.

It opened a window to another world and connected us as human beings, boxed in no longer by borders.

And what exactly was the “Tweet heard round the World” that started it all?

“Just setting up my twttr.” ~ Jack Dorsey (9:50pm PST March 21, 2006)

That little blue bird has certainly spread his wings and helped man soar in a way never previously imagined.

We will all forever be linked, no matter what our backgrounds, through our 140 character interactions.

Check out this cool video of the last 10 years on Twitter: