December 8th National Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

Dec. 8th – National Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

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Until recently, I thought time travel was something you did in a time travel machine. I guess you still can, if you can find one, but apparently, the most common time travel comes from just believing you have traveled back in time! That’s a pretty good trick!

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Oh, and you can die and come back and live the same life all over again as well. No matter, since you probably can’t actually do any of these, just choose one and pretend you are traveling.


How to celebrate – Read about time travel. Try and build your own time travel machine. Just imagine you are going back in time, remember not to change anything while you are there!


September 29th Confucius Day

Confucius is one of the best known philosophers of all time. He was also a teacher, editor and politician during his time in China. Born October 18th, 551 BC, lu he was China’s Ben Franklin before Ben Franklin was born! His real name was Kong Qiu and lived during the Summer and Autumn periods in China. He dies in 479 BC, lu but not before leaving behind numerous words of wisdom.

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Among his famous quotes are: “Your life is what your thoughts make it” and “The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.” Definitely words to live by. There are literally hundreds of quotes to live your life by. Most are common sense, but it surprising how litte common sense there was back then which seems to have carried over to today.

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Since his time he has also been credited with some he probably never actually spoke, like… “Man who eat many prunes get good run for money.” There are more but they should not be repeated in mixed company!


There are few subjects Confucius didn’t touch. Obviously they were intended for people who lived in his day but most carry over to today as well. I’ll bet Confucius and Ben would have been best of friends, or the worst of enemies. Either way, we can learn a lot from both of them.

How to celebrate – Study Confucius’ writings. Visit China. Create your own words to live by.


September 15th Make A Hat Day

According to the calendar, we are all supposed to make hats today. If you keep it simple, it’s easy enough to do, the more complicated it gets the longer it will take. There is something in that I see mimicking life a lot.

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When we are young we wear several hats. A child and a son or daughter. It does not take a lot of effort on our part to achieve either end. We blunder our way through the day either doing childish things or things may mirror our parents. It is a learning experience as we decide what we will do when we get older.


As we age, we become husbands and wives, employees and employers, a parent and still a son or daughter but with far different requirements,soul mates and enemies… it is where life takes a turn and we become busier and some of the hats we wear are difficult. They take longer to complete and change a great deal from day to day. Some are very serious, like being a surgeon or mentor, others less so like a clown or a hobo. But even the lesser hats we wear are more complicated and difficult than when we were children.


Some hats identify who we are and what we do. A helmet for a soldier is still a hat but it is a lot more dangerous than a helmet for a football player. (Though football can still be dangerous) The point is, we wear many, many hats and the idea of being able to make our own today lets us step out of our comfort zone, either to be more serious or more fun.

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So make your own hat today and wear it proudly. It doesn’t matter what its made out of, it only matters how we wear it.

How to celebrate – Make your own hat today. Make hats for your friends that fit what you see in them. Start a hat collection.


August 21st National Senior Citizen Day

I wonder what it’s like to get old? Oh wait, I’m already there! Oh well… it’s not that different than when I was younger. Sure I can’t do as much and I certainly do not do things as fast, maybe I forget a little bit here and there but I’m still kicking and still have value!


That’s the thing about people as they get old, they don;t feel useful anymore. Nothing could be more wrong. If younger people would listen to the older people around them they might actually benefit from the wisdom, more often than not because they have already made the same mistake the younger person is about to commit. However, the old saying live and learn applies to nearly everyone.

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There really isn’t much we senior citizens can’t do better now than we did when we were younger… including those things we have leaned that we are not good at. Sometimes knowing what you don’t know is just as valuable as thinking you know everything!


Senior Citizens Day has actually been proclaimed by Congress too, so it’s official. Now, let’s try and guess together who created today. I won’t reveal it until the next paragraph so you can take a few seconds to think about it. Don’t scan ahead, try and guess. While you are thinking, what age do you consider somene a Senior? Most would say 65 but with the new medicines and life styles maybe it’s 70, or 75 or even 55. I think it’s all what’s in your mind.

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So, you are as old as you feel. Keep yourself young in body and thought and you may never actually be a Senior Citizen! Oh, and the answer is, Ronald Reagan… one of our oldest Presidents ever. It is Proclaimation 5847 and created August 19th, 1988 for August 21st.

How to celebrate – Never grow old. Realize your strengths, don’t exaggerate your weakness as you grow older. Enjoy life.

July 16th Global Hug Your Kids Day

It seems odd to me that some days are created out of tragedy. Days that should come every day requiring no special holiday be created. Today was created by Michelle Nichols in 1998 for her son, Mark, who was dying from brain cancer. He was only 8 and a half years on this earth. In our daily grind, maybe sometimes we forget to stop and do the simplest things that really make life worthwhile. Like hugging your child.

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It doesn’t matter what you do to make a living, how much money you make or how important you are to the world… there is nothing more rewarding than hugging someone you brought to life. You can be the President of the United States or a homeless person roaming the streets, the hug is just as important both for the receiver and the giver. Who is, after all, more important than your child?

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The correct answer should be, has to be, your child. And giving them a hug is about as selfish as you can get because in reality, what you give will be returned ten fold. We all need hugs, it makes us feel wanted and needed and the reward is knowing that you mean enough to someone that they will hug you. And who more do you want to mean something to other than your child.

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So do something easy today that actually means something, hug your child. Let them know you love them, and let them show their love for you. It’s a win-win for everyone.

How to celebrate – Hug your kid.


January 26th Spouses Day

Today is National Spouses Day (not to be confused with National Military Spouses Day). Today is the day we celebrate the person we have chosen to spend the rest of our lives with (hopefully).


When we are young, the appeal of someone else is obvious. Physical attraction normally comes first, followed by the sharing of ideals and dreams. We hope to grow with each other, sharing the joys, and sorrows, our mate feels. Every new experience brings us closer together, even some old experiences take on a different meaning than before when we experienced them by ourselves. It is the time of life when we go eyes-wide-open, expecting to share our lives completely with each other.

Senior man giving woman piggyback ride

As we grow older many of our dreams and interests have changed. Hopefully our spouse is experiencing the same things. This is a trying time, a time when we begin to feel time is running out for us to gather in the things in life we think we want. So we try even harder to grasp hold of the future and take what we want, need, and feel we deserve. If we have chosen the right mate, they will be experiencing the same thing. It can be a time when we grow closer than ever before, or we can grow further apart. Sometimes being defeated in what we think we want can lead us to something more important, what we really need. There is nothing more rewarding than finding out that the person we remember when we were both young will still be the person we share our challenges with gracefully. They will help us accept our limitations and advance ourselves into being someone better.


And if we are lucky to reach our senior years with our mate we will find a friend, and a lover, maybe not as attractive as we once were, certainly not as active as we once were, and a little more willing to let life lead us to where we are going than trying to shape it ourselves.

A spouse is someone we hope to have with us for life, for better and for worse, richer and poorer… till life do us part.

How to celebrate – No matter what stage of life you are in make sure your spouse knows you are happy they are the one that has experienced life with you. Don’t let a day go by without telling your spouse you love them. Let your spouse know daily what is right about them when it is so easy to find things that are wrong.