June 15th National Smile Power Day

There is no more powerful tool in the world than a smile. There are times it can be worth a million dollars and times when it can melt a heart. Use it wisely and  it can be your best weapon in an arsenal to tame the world.

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Smiling is contagious. When someone is smiling at you it is very difficult not to smile back. It can in fact add years to your life! It can change others moods and ultimately make you a happier person yourself.


Even animals smile. I am not sure that they mean to but they do. Their smiles improve your relationship them just as yours improves relationships with other people. I believe even animals can relate to a smile. They seem to know when you are happy and they want to be a part of that mood as well. I am sure it gives them additional life as well.


I’ve never known of a person who was worse off for smiling. Sure, there are times when it gets tough to smile, things are bound to upset you, but if you can smile through the toughest times just think how much better those times will be for you, and all those around you.

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And there is simply nothing that makes a person more beautiful than smiling. A smiler’s face always lights up, brightening the entire room. A room filled with smiling people is bound to make your day better.

How to celebrate – Start everybody’s day off the right way by giving them a smile. If you own a business insist all your employees great everyone with a smile, your sales will go up!  Smile for the one you love.

April 14th International Moment of Laughter Day

One thing 99.9% of us like to do is laugh. Some of us live to laugh. Some of us can laugh at ourselves, which is really, really good for you. It is also very contagious. Try not laughing when someone around you is laughing even if you don’t know what they are laughing about!


Even animals laugh. Cats, dogs, monkeys, snails… well, maybe not snails (Although they could I suppose it’s just their faces are so hard to see). laughing is very good for you. Laughing releases endorphins, and does a lot of other technical things, that improve our quality of life. It has been known to make sick people better and at the very least, it doesn’t hurt anyone. (Unless you laugh so hard you bust a gut or are laughing at someone who is very angry).

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Even the smartest among us know the value of laughter. They may be laughing at us instead of with us but if we laugh along at least we won’t be left out! I know I do a lot of things that should be laughed at every day! If no one else is around it’s up to me to get the ball rolling and start laughing.

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People are prettier when they laugh as well, probably because they become a little more vulnerable then they were when they weren’t laughing.  We were meant to laugh, it takes less effort to laugh than to frown.

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Even sometimes in sorrow there is laughter, or there should be. I remember going to a very somber funeral, nothing funny about that but it was outside and most of the women were wearing hats. Well, this lizard kept jumping from hat to hat without the people wearing the hat knowing it. Those who saw it happening just couldn’t keep from laughing, though I know we were thought less of because of it. The day was created by humorologist, Izzy Gesell.

How to celebrate – Pick your moment today to just burst into laughter. Always look for something funny going on around you. If you look for it you will be surprised what you find. Get others around you to laugh, you will be improving their quality of life!