November 27th Pins And Needles Day

Most of us have heard the phrase “Being on Pins and Needles” and associate with being excited about something and having to wait for it. Did you know that the saying comes from a Broadway show though? The International Ladies Garment Workers Union produced Harold Rome’s play in 1937 about the garment industry. There were 1108 performances of the pro labor play before it went dark.

How to celebrate – Visit Broadway. (Yes, I know it’s still closed but then, so is the play!) Write your own Broadway play about something you feel passionate about. Read about the labor unions in the 1930’s.

September 3rd Labor Day

Today is the day we celebrate all those who work. Well, that practically covers everybody so it is meant to only cover those who are in the labor unions in America. (Guess the rest of us don’t really work) But, whether in a Union or not, we still get the day off. It is the first Monday in September.

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The first Labor Day was celebrated with a parade in New York City on September 5th, 1882.  The day became an official holiday when Congress voted it into law on June 28, 1894. Unions use to be something that stood up for the worker and did a tremendous amount of good improving working conditions and getting fair pay for those working under it’s affiliation.  Now it’s more or less a third political party that mostly just serves themselves.


The day was created either by Peter McGuire, who was in the Central Labor Union and a board member of the American Federation of Labor. Or, it may have been…


Matthew Maguire, who was also a Leader in the Central Labor Union. Perhaps having similar names confused the issue. Either way, both were instrumental in the formation of Labor Day. A day awarded for the common worker to be able to take off and… work in their parades for no pay instead!


There was a time when Unions were a necessity. Today it’s a business in its own right. The average pay for a Labor Union Leader is $252,370.00 a year. Naturally, that is money that comes out of the workers pocket to be in a Union often they are forced to join, whether they want to or not. Hmmmm….

How to celebrate  – Honor the working class of America. Sleep in instead of working in a parade! Realize the more you get paid, the more you will have to pay. (Figure it out)