February 25th Winter Olympic Games

In case you decided to take your vacation to Mars this month I am reporting that today is the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. It all started February 9th, and ends today, February 25th.

Alpine Skiing - Day 9

This year has had the normal rises and the normal falls, the ups and downs and created new heroes. It has seen the beginnings, maybe, of a better relationship between North and South Korea and openly gay athletes making their declarations.

2018 Winter Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

We have seen shirtless flag bearers, nothing new, and people from other countries around the world competing in a lot of sports many of us have never heard of, or know how to play. It is maybe the only place on earth where people from different countries get along with each other.

Speedskater with American Flag-Carousel

These were the XXIII games with the next Winter Olympics coming to Beijing, China in 2022.  Whether you take pride in your country, or marvel at the ability of other countries to produce stars, the Olympic Games normally offer the best the world has to offer, something you would think we could learn from.

How to celebrate – Watch the closing ceremonies. Support local athlete’s already starting to train for the next Winter Olympics. Watch the Summer Olympics coming up in 2 years in Tokyo.